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Winter at Snow City

Snow City
Do you know that you can enjoy Snow in Sunny Singapore?

Delving in the deep west, we visited Snow City when Singapore Science Center included this in our invitation to the Megabugs exhibition. We had heard about the place before but never had a chance to step foot into it.

Before we enter the chamber, we need to be wrapped up in layers of pants , jackets, snow boots and gloves. As this comes before our trip to Sydney , which is currently in Winter season, this would be a good gauge of how we react to cold weather.
Dinosaurs Ice Craving

Ushered into a room filled with ice craving of dinosaurs, we could not resist the photo opportunity. As we could not take photo, the photos provided are by Snow City. After the quick tour, we were led to a bigger room.
The bigger room has a 20-30 m long slide and a 'snow' area. There are people who said this is more like ice city, but having seen real snow, the snow does somewhat resemble the real McCoy. We were given an interesting 15 minute science experiment before we were led to play in the snow.
Daddy and Mommy tried the slide and from the ones and the ahs from them, it seem like a scary ride.
We decided to stick with the ice sculptures and the mini ice slides. We stayed for about an hour in snow city.

Overall we were expecting a bigger place as the namesake suggested such. However instead of a city, we probably have visited a smallish park. I do like the mini slides within the city, but my little brother seems too cold to even move around ( temperature is below 0 degrees) There are limited play options with just one big slide to entertain most.
Mini Ice slides

This place would probably be good if you would like to acclimate your children if you are heading for a winter holiday.
At the cost of $28 per adult and $23 per child for a 2 hour admission would be too pricey for the experience. For a visit, we recommend the bundle option of 2-1 package of admission to Science Center and 1 hour play at $18 and $16 respectively.
Winter jackets and boots are provided, but pants, gloves and socks cost extra, so do bring your own.
The Little Details
Snow City
21 Jurong Town Hall S609433


  1. Hi! May i just ask, do you still remember the price of each photo in snow city? I mean how much do they charge for a photo? Thank you.

    1. Apologies, but I can't remember the cost of the photos.


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