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7th heaven with the seven seater Volkswagen Sharan


Daddy is getting a new car... for a week!

It surprised us when Daddy told us he would be 'changing' his ride. With the courtesy of Volkswagen Singapore, he drove home in the VW Sharan for an extended test ride. Upon his arrival, we could have done more hopping on and exploring. After a week of numerous outings in the Sharan, we were sad to see it leave our abode. It was a lovely seven days with the seven-seater Volkswagen Sharan.

The experiences are truly divine.

As we reminisce on our adventures with the Sharan, we would inevitably conjure a list of why we think Daddy should reconsider getting re-acquainted with the Sharan in the future.

Here are 7 reasons why the Sharan captured our little hearts.

1) A Gentle Giant

With its imposing size, we were immediately drawn to it. On the exterior, the VW Sharan stands taller than most rides. Given its outlook, the name is befitting of the Sharan. With a size like that, it is unsurprising that we will name it the 'Big Car'.
2) Acres of Space

The 'Big Car' also lives up to its name in the interior. The back seats are easily accessible through the auto sliding doors. The Sharan is a comfortable 7-seater with a 2-3-2 combination.

To access the last row, we would need to pop the middle seat down with a lever on the side of the heart. Access is relatively easy, and adults should have no problem moving in and out of the back seats. Such a car is best suited for more extensive or multi-generation families. We could already imagine an outing with Grandparents in the Big Car.

Throughout our week-long encounter with the Sharan, we decided to make the back seats our 'home'. We rarely get our own personal space in the car. However, with Sharan, everyone has their own private space. Best of all, it feels spacious, and we can even fit 10 into the car if needed!

3) Cool Features we love

We decided to rope in Daddy's expertise on the techie features of the Sharan. He was impressed with the key, allowing him to control all doors via one remote. Even without the helpful remote, the Sharan is equipped with keyless entry. This makes fumbling for keys while carrying us and the grocery a sight of the past.

The keyless feature extends to the start of the Sharan. A soft purr greeted us whenever the Start Engine Button was pressed.

Daddy thought that the safety features in the car were a careful thought for drivers with kids. For example, lock parts are on the drivers for the sliding back doors. This is an important feature, especially when travelling with kids.

There is more than one way to access the back entrance. By the time the week is over, we are very familiar with the door button on the back.

The other button Daddy found helpful would be the Auto-Hold button. This button is an extension of the electronic parking system. It prevents the car from rolling in a stationary position. This function is handy for traffic lights or traffic jams where you can safely lift your feet off the brake once the vehicle is still, making driving convenient and comfortable. Given that this feature is usually found on high-end cars, it definitely positions Sharan as one of the elites of its class.

Another feature that Daddy found helpful would be the rearview camera with the 'rear assist' feature. There are also front and rear sensors that ensure parking is smooth.

There is also an automated parallel parking "park assist" that allows the car to park itself. Daddy had seen it in action and was duly impressed. However, with a vehicle of this stature, it would be most helpful if parking is left to the expert.... the car itself.

Storage is abundant within Sharan. There is storage on the dashboard for your wallets and keys, cup holders on all rows of seats, sunglasses storage, and storage at the footwells of the 2nd row seats (great for storing shoes), amongst others.

The "Climatic" air-conditioning system with 3-zone temperature control is an excellent feature. Other notable features include folding tables on the back of the front seats, a roll-up sunshade on the rear seats, a perfect multimedia sound system with 8 speakers and a 6CD Changer, ISOFIX seats and many more. Most features listed here are standard in the basic package, giving you a bigger bang for your buck!

4) Window to Heaven

The electronic panoramic tilt/slide sunroof is an optional feature in the Sharan. The Sunroof not only allows you a refreshing view while driving but also allows more light in the cabin. This makes the house feel more significant than it already is and makes every trip enjoyable with the ever-changing views from above.
We would have loved to ride with the wind in our hair. However, Daddy insists that we remain seated during the ride for safety. However, that did not stop us from exiting the open roof when the car was stationary!

5) Big functional boot

With a seven-seater, boot space may be limited. However, from our week-long usage, we fit in 2 strollers, our recreational vehicles and shopping loot from Ikea. If space is a constraint, there are always spaces at the back seats.
You can even fold down all the back seats, which would fit a small bed. This combination helps get bulky items in Ikea or transport large items like plants. There are things you can carry in the Sharan that you would otherwise not be able to do in most vehicles. Say goodbye to "delivery charges" with the Sharan
6) Smooth as silk

The cockpit's "Vienna" leather trim makes the interior feel luxurious and inviting. The ride itself is smooth for a giant like the Sharan. The pickup was smooth, and the steering was firm and responsive.
Daddy thinks the car drives as well as what German vehicles are famed for. A luxurious, smooth operator. This gentle giant is no slouch, with a top speed of 221km/h and an acceleration of 0-100km in 8.3 seconds. Moreover, safety is not compromised with a curtain airbag system for front and back passengers, including side airbags in front.
I may not be of legal age, but I could imagine getting behind the leather-covered 3-spoke multi-function steering wheel with gearshift control. It may be marketed as a family car, but it has enough features to satisfy the closet racer in every Daddy or Mommy!

7) Bring us everywhere

What we enjoyed most were the numerous trips we took within the one week of use. The optional inbuilt "RNS 510" navigation system with its 6.5-inch touchscreen is a breeze. Directions are entered via the touchscreen. With its 'predictive' text for roads, address entries are accessible to input.

Using the navigation system, we travelled from Ikea in the East to Chinese Gardens in the West. Getting to our destination is a breeze with the clear instructions given. We would even like to bring Sharan to Malaysia. With a 70 litres fuel capacity and a consumption of 8.5 L/100 Km, we could make a trip to Malacca and back on a full tank!

The Sharan is available at Volkswagen for a current transacted price of $207,800 (click here for the latest price). If you want an efficient, comfortable and luxurious drive, this would be a serious option for families with kids.

It was 7th Heaven on the week-long escapade with 'Big Car'. We were reluctant to downgrade back to Daddy's 'tiny car' at the end of the week. With that in mind, we unanimously decided that his next car would be a VW Sharan.... how about that, Daddy?
Till then, thanks to VW for making this a wonderful experience.

The Wacky Duo were provided with a week-long use of the Sharan. This is an advertorial, and all opinions are our own

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