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Superheroes at STGCC 2013

Are you a fan of comics, toys, superhero movies and games?

If you are a fan of any of the above, you would be glad to know that Singapore version of the renowned Comic Con, the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention(STGCC) will be in town over this weekend at Sands Expo and Convention Center, Marina Bay Sands.

Partnering ReedPOP, the makers of New York Comic Con , STGCC will feature the best of pop culture from East to West, uniting the worlds of comics, anime, manga, toys, collectibiles, games and movies in one location.

Ironman Hall of Armour Source : STGCC
We were exposed to this popular pop culture at a tender age courtesy of our Daddy, who himself is a closet fan of all things related to the lore of Superheros. It is no surprised that we were fans of the popular Movie adaptation of Ironman and had the gears to prove it.
When we learnt that we could explore the Tony Stark aka Ironman aka Malibu Mansion at the STGCC, we were elated. The STGCC will feature a life size replica of the Hall of Armour from Ironman III. Needless to say when the invitation came for the event, we could not wait to suit up in our own armour to fly to STGCC this coming weekend. We just could not resist the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Mark 1 through Mark VII.

Ironman Armour - Combat Ready!
Other than Ironman, our next destination would probably be to the Marvel booth. There will be exclusive giveaways, Hasbro Marvel Showcase, all day Marvel games and even free sketches by up and coming talents.

Marvel Booth
We would most likely be captivated by the Lego Marvel showcase since we have a small collection ourselves. Maybe we can persuade our Daddy to expand our personal showcase at STGCC.

Our collection of Marvel Lego
Ironman is not the only character in Marvel that we emulate. Our current favourite includes Spiderman. For autograph hunters, Dextor Soy-a Superior Spiderman comics artist, amongst Marvel legends such as Joe Mad of uncanny X-men fame will be at STGCC.

Another exhibit that we would visit would be the Disney booth showcasing Disney latest game called Disney Infinity.

Disney Infinity
The game will feature characters from Monster's Inc, The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars and the Lone Ranger all in a game. We can't wait to demo the game on site!

We might even bring our own 'Sulley' that we won from a Claw machine in Timezone to join in the fun.

Our new Mate
So what to look out for in STGCC? We think these 3 key points will be the crowd puller of the events.
Events and activities
STGCC will be lined up with activities and events galore. There will be sneak peeks, meet the fans session forum span over 2 Days.
Admission is $19 per person for 1 day and $25 for 2 days. Child under 5 enters free with accompany adult on day 1.
For 1st Sept, the complimentary entry extends to child under 12 with accompany adult, so it will make an interesting pop culture experience for family with older kids.

Event at a glance
Exclusive toys and exhibits
STGCC is also well known for bringing in exclusive toys for their convention. For full list of exclusive products, do check out the range here. Be warned, we heard that the queues for these will be snake long!

In addition, the toys on display would be sure fire hits with kids. Expect to see mammoth Lego displays, Hasbro toys and lots more comic art during STGCC.

Exclusive STGCC Products
Cosplay Runway
The other main activity at the event will be the Cosplay Runway . We might just turn up in STGCC in our 'working' clothes for this!
See you at STGCC 2013!

Cosplay at STGCC

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