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Orange Studios family photography [Review]

There is a new Studio in town specialising on family modern studio photography. Orange Studios officially started operations from Aug 2013. We had an invitation courtesy from Wini of Orange Studios, via a referral from our pals from Sengkang Babies for a Photoshoot session from Orange Studios during this grand opening.

This would be our 2nd family photo session and the 5th photo shoot collectively so we thought we knew what to expect. Initially we were a little skeptical as it is a new set up. In addition, we were told to bring our own props for the photo shoot. It was unexpected as we thought most studios would have their own props. Lastly we were told to wear colourful clothes as we will be photographed entirely with a a white backdrop. Again we were unsure if a white backdrop is sufficient . What if we need to have trees, moon, stars as the backdrop?
The Studio is located at Yishun. The location is off the beaten track, but the set up is definitely comparable to an established studio. Walking into a room with a double volume ceiling and a big white backdrop, we were all wondering what will come next.
It did not take long for us to get wacky in the studios. Surprisingly there is no ' please stand here' , 'wear this set of cloths' , 'look at the camera' kind of instructions. Instead, it is all about spontaneity and being ourselves during the photo shoot. We actually love the idea about bringing our own props as it means we are comfortable with what we are posing with... Afterall it is just another hour of play for us which we obliged without hesitation.
Pose , Charge, Snap
Kutows too to Ryan. He may not be a father yet, but he is absolutely fantastic with kids. It did not take long for us to warm up to him. Somehow he is able to get us to pose and be ourselves ( something which Daddy need to coax us sometimes). We were told that he had prior experiences with family photography and it is clearly demonstrated in this session. Given our past experiences, we would say he is by far the easiest 'camera uncle' that we clicked with.
If you are looking for a 'professional' and 'great with kids' photographer, Ryan from Orange Studios come highly recommended.
Ryan the photographer
Even Daddy and Mommy enjoyed the session. After our sessions, we were wondering if the final outcome will be just as good as the studio sessions itself.
And the honest truth... the final output had far exceeded our expectations!
Here are the final pictures we had shortlisted. We absolutely love the quality and the brightness of each photo. The white backdrop actually works well as it brings the attention to the core subjects. If you check out the smiles, you could see that each smile is spontaneous. It is one thing to make us smile and it takes a higher skill set to capture it. We must say Ryan had scored well on both accounts.
For a minimalistic, natural Fun loving family photos, Orange Studios will always be on top of our list!
Team Awesome
Running Kids
Daddy felt that the photos captured our mood effectively. Being an amateur photographer, Daddy knows it is not easy to capture moving children. Ryan has done a fine job in capturing the magical moment of family fun.
Red Rebels
Money Money Money

Daddy love the photo taken with Mommy here. It has been quite a while since he had a decent photo with Mommy and he is glad that this session yields a few good shots. Even though Ryan's forte may be family photography, he does captured a lovely couple moment here.

Knights of the Round Table
Prince Louis

Prince Charles
Battle won!
Our Favourite Photo
It is definitely an enjoyable family bonding session with positive results. We loved the outcome so much that we decided to 'upgrade' our sponsored photoshoot with a top up for a bigger canvas print to adorn the bedroom. We think it is a fantastic addition to the house and am glad to enjoy the fruits of the delightful studio session.

Prices starts from $150 for a creative session and additional $200 upwards for packages(excluding creative session). The number of photographs or size of canvas are clearly stated on their menu, thus eliminating hidden fees. As for services, we rate them excellent. They were prompt to our queries and the numerous requests to amend the photo we choose for the canvas print. We even has a mock up how the canvas would look on our walls before deciding on the final version. To top it off, Ryan and Wini personally delivered the canvas and the photos once it is done.
Two Words - Excellent Service!
Given how much we love the photos, we even updated our Facebook fanpage with one of the photos that depicts our zest for fun.
What do you think?

A Wacky Deal

Are you already planning for a photo session?

For the month of September, Orange Studios have a promotional rate for all our readers.Simply quote " The Wacky Duo" for a $150 discount (to offset packages only). Bookings had to be done by 30st Sept and the photo session to be taken before 31st Oct.
The Creative Session Fee Starts at $150 and it includes an hour photoshoot session, the professional photograher's talent and time and a pre-photoshoot consultation. Packages starts from $200 and additional ala-carte available.
Orange Studios specialise in family photography - including maternity, newborns, babies, children and pets.
The Wacky Duo were sponsored for a photoshoot. We loved the photos taken so much that we decided to top up for a larger canvas to be printed . That itself is a testimony to a good job done!

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