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Mid Autumn Festival 2013 in Singapore [ 中秋节 新加坡 ]

Mid Autumn or Mooncake Festival is just round the corner. This year the festival falls on 19th September 2013. The Festival is synonymous with mooncakes, lanterns and moonwalks. It is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, during a full moon. Since 19th September falls on a weekday, the celebrations will be held the week prior on 14/15 September.
We bring you the top 5 places to indulge in moonwalking during this festival.

Mid-Autumn Festival@The Gardens

13 - 22 Sep 2013
6:00 PM - 11:00 PM (Mon - Fri) 3:00 PM - 11:00 PM (Sat - Sun)
Free Admission

This year, we recommend a new destination for your lantern swaying kids. Head down to Gardens by the Bay for their first Mid-Autumn Festival @ The Gardens. The Dragonfly lake will make a good backdrop under the moonlight. There will be a bevy of performances from local and overseas group, ranging from dance and drama, to music and opera. Charity Events such as releasing sky and water lanterns and Family day walk will be held.

Esplanade Moonfest

13-15 Sept 2013

Moonfest – A Mid Autumn Celebration is an annual Chinese arts festival held in celebration of the mid-autumn festival, Chinese artists and traditional art forms. Through Chinese traditional performances, workshops and talks, it seeks to inspire and expose audiences to the intricacies of Chinese language, arts and culture. Featuring both ticketed and free programmes, highlights of the festival include Chinese opera, ensemble performances, puppetry, lantern riddles, cross talk, Chinese chess and the popular lantern walkabout.

Chinatown Mass Lantern Walk

15 Sep 2013
Start : Open Field Banda Street

The Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2013 celebrations will culminate with a Mass Lantern Walk. Enjoy a leisurely-paced lantern parade procession under the moonlight, dazzling street light-up and decorations in Chinatown. Be greeted by a wide range of entertainment from dragon dance, energetic cheerleading performance to percussion band during the walk. The Lantern walk will conclude with stage performances and pyrotechnics display in the heart of Chinatown. Open to the public.

Downtown East Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

14 September 2013
Event Square & Courtyard

Catch the movie ‘Forbidden Kingdom’ under the stars as family and friends enjoy the delicate tea and mooncake samples! Kids can participate in a signature Lantern Parade around Downtown East and also, look forward to a Lighted Dragon Performance. It's the perfect occasion for family bonding!

Jurassic Safari

30 Aug-23 Sep
Sun-Thurs 1030am-1130pm
Fri-Sat 1030am-1230am
Adults -$11 Children(2-12) $5 

Look forward to being thrilled by over 20 attractions including gigantic life-size dinosaurs filling the gardens. For the only time ever, you can witness dinosaurs roaming fighting and roaring among the trees and greenery in Chinese Garden. On top of that, prepare to get dazzled by hundreds of lanterns brightening up the entire arena and lighting up the pathways as you walk around the attractions-filled gardens ground.

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