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STGCC : Heros Galore [A Photo Review]

Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention
Anyone who are familiar with us would know we are fans of the superheros culture. We have numerous interactions with superheros from the Lego toys, the figurines, Xbox games, movies and cartoons. It does aid our indulgence when the old man himself is a fan of this popular pop culture.
Thus when the invitation came to explore the STGCC, or Better known as Singapore version of Comic Con, we did not hesitate. It is off to the swanky Marina Bay Sands to take a peek at the event.

Capt America and Thor with Uncle Flash
The STGCC is well known for 2 things... Toys and the opportunity to interact with Superheros of all shapes and forms. It was one big costume party where you can expect literally hundreds of Superheros and villains from both East and West ascending down to STGCC to strut their stuff.

Marvel toys
Our first stop was the Marvel booth. We noticed that Siderman and Superman are missing from the armies of Superheros walking around the convention. Little Lou sensing this, decided he would be the Man of Steel. Spidey may not be there in person but a life size replica of him made his presence felt.

Man of steel vs Spiderman
We spotted Captain Amercia too. Honestly we were at the event mainly to spot our favourite Superheros and were glad to be rewarded with a glimpse or two. Little Lou was so amazed that he tried to nick Captain America's shield.. That cheekie little boy.

Captain Amercia
We spotted a sweet looking Thor. She may not look as menacing as the Demi- God but she does have a hammer AND she let us hold it. Yippee!

We were looking for Lego Marvel display, but sadly it was missing. Come to think about it, Lego seem to have a smaller presence for this year STGCC. However Nicholas Foo, SE only LEGO certified professional is on hand to show us his Lego building skills.

Nicholas Foo
In case you are wondering , Ironman is just round the corner, in full gold armour no less. The full team of Avengers is on site with the exception of Hulk.
We drool...

Gold clad ironman
Another booth that piqued our interest would be the Disney Infinity booth. They were showing their latest game, Disney Infinity. That game somewhat resembles my 'ahem' next Xbox game.
Add caption
What say you Daddy?You Mr Incredible , I Jack Sparrow! fThere are more life size replica Ironman and his pal the War Machine and Iron Patriot. In case you are wondering, Ironman is top billed for STGCC. We guessed it must be attributed to the popularity of the movies. Personally we think Spidey rocks!

Ironman and gang
There is even a life size replica of Tony Stark Malibu House workshop. It's a hoot seeing Mark I to Mark VII side by side. Not forgetting the Mark XLII guarding the premises.

Ironman armour - combat ready!
Tony Starks may not be there, but his model made a cameo.

Tony Starks
We did take a picture with the Mark II. Man of Steel decided to reveal his true identity- a Mini Ironman!

Ironman and Ironboy
Other that the Ironman overload, there are a few notable figures and Superheros taking a pose with us.

Er... Unknown
We met the Green Arrow, Little Lou's once fav comic hero.

Green Arrow
The Mark XLII from Ironman 3. We love the Gold and Red!

The gang from Justice League, with Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Batman and Supergirl. Man of Steel Lou is stepping in for Mr Superman.

Justice League
We even met an old friend, X Wing Fighter from starwars.

We saw a Giant Teddy and a Giant Bunny from some mobile app.

There were some artists at work.

Artist at Work
And we spotted a scene from the upcoming Batman Vs Superman.We did not know Spawn is in the same movie as well.

Batman Vs Superman
Bobheads Ironman joins in the fun!

Other than toys, Cosplay is huge during this STGCC. Here are a few characters from the East!

Man from Kamen Rider

We don't know who the above are, let's just call them White Angels.

There were swords on sale to go with your anime characters. They were priced from a reasonable $15 upwards. Not for kids though as they are made of wood.

Deathstroke would probably not need them as he carried his own weapons.

This is our first STGCC and we did not know what to expect. however after this experience, we agreed that we do enjoy hero spotting. Overall it was an eye opener event for us.
Looking forward to STGCC 2014!

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