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Rasa Sentosa Resort Staycation

Shangri La Rasa Sentosa Staycation
It's holiday time. 

We decided to take it easy during the short 1-week break with a Staycation. Since we like the idea of being away from the mainland, Sentosa became an obvious choice.

This is not a sponsored post; all expenses are from our own pocket.   Sentosa has always been a favourite Staycation destination for us. However, our choice of Staycation had always been RWS. However, we had heard so much about the kid-friendly Rasa Sentosa that we decided it was time to make it our destination for this holiday.
Check-in lobby
The check-in time was at 3pm. We arrived earlier, at about 230pm, and were allowed to pre-register. Registration took only 10 mins, even with a queue. It is pretty efficient compared to other hotels we have stayed at.

Since we were early, we decided to roam in the lobby. We chanced upon a staff giving away mini ice cream cones for kids ( Sorry, adults!), an excellent introductory touch for our stay at Rasa Sentosa.At 3pm, Dad received a call from reception that the room was ready. It comes as no surprise that we were highly impressed with the service. In fact,   throughout the stay, we were treated impeccably. The staff were friendly and accommodating. We rate the service a close 5 out of 5 stars. Almost flawless.
Rasa Sentosa Deluxe pool view
The Deluxe Pool View room will be our home for the next 3 days. The room itself was excellent, with a few pleasant surprises. It warranted a review on its own. Do check back as we bring you a tour around the room.
Swimming pool
The first thing that caught our eye would be the swimming pool. Being Water boys, we wasted no time in dictating our first activity. Within minutes of settling in, we decided it was time for the real fun to begin!
The pool itself is pretty big and divided into 4 sections. There is a water play station with 3 slides for kids under 120cm. A wading collection about 0.5 m deep, the main reservoir for everyone and a quiet corner with a jacuzzi for adults only.

There are also swim vests provided for kids. We highly recommend this for non-swimmers. As we cannot swim, the vest is perfect for keeping us afloat and 'swimming' in the deeper parts of the pool.
Wading pool plus water play station
The good thing about Rasa Sentosa is that it is the only hotel in Singapore with a beachfront location. The beach is literally steps away from the main pool.
Beach time
It comes as no surprise we decided that it would be our next destination for some sandcastle time!
Sand, fun and sun!
For adults, there is a sea sports centre where you can indulge in. In addition, you can rent kayaks, paddle boats, and bicycles to explore Siloso beach by sea or land.

Should you decide to step away from the water sports and sand play, a playground is on site for those dry moments of the game.
Outdoor playground
That is one of many playgrounds on-site. For in-house guests aged 5-12, they can choose to play in the Cool Zone. The cool zone is a paradise for kids, spanning over 100 square meters over two storeys. The best part is - Parents are not allowed!!!

Cool Zone - No parents allowed
Activities range from arts and crafts to a mass Xbox Kinect dancing session. The kids can also explore the tree house on the premises. Best of all, I made some new friends while I was there.
Dancing on stage.

The Cool Zone is a drop-off place and opens from 930am to 9pm. You just need to register your child, and in return, you can enjoy the rest of the resort on your own. Perfect for Mom and Dad for some 'couple' time.
Register here
For younger kids (4 and below), there is a mini toots club by the side of the cool zone. It is, however, an adult-accompanied place.
Mini toots club
The mini toots club is probably good for kids 2 and under. There is a shallow ball pit, a carousel ( you need $2 to ride this), play stuff and a Tv. However, little Lou, who is 3, was bored after 5 minutes. It would be good if they revamped the space or integrated it into the Cool Zone. After all, that is where most fun occurs!
Mini Toots club
Within the same premises is a small arcade. It has a few arcade machines, a basketball station and a 'hockey' arcade table. This space would cater more to the older kids.
The arcade
Since we were on Sentosa, the whole island was actually our playground. However, we did venture out during our staycation to catch a glimpse of our favourite 'Plants vs Zombies' who were there for a meet and greet session.
Plants vs Zombies
It was only a short time before we returned to the hotel to enjoy the rest of the facilities.
Dine on 3
It has been quite a while since we have a nice long lingering meal. We managed to dine in 3 different restaurants during our stay at Sentosa. Since it was buffet style for most of the meals, we spent at least an hour each during mealtime. Given our short attention span, it was rare for us to spend so long in a restaurant. Our parents sure appreciate this as it allows them to savour their food. There are a few choices for dining at Rasa Sentosa at Dine on 3. There are 4 different restaurants on the beach: Silver Shell Cafe, 8 Noodles, Casserole, Barnacles and Trapizza.

Price-wise, it is considered on the high side. A typical meal costs about $ 100 plus for a family of 4. ( Ouch ) However, for buffet, kids dine free if they are hotel guests, and eat with a paying adult.

We will be reviewing the restaurants in an upcoming post.
Chill on 5
Other facilities on site included a chill-out bar on level 5 and a mini shopping area on the same level.
For gym buffs, there is a gym located at level 5. However, we did not use the facilities as we were more into the Kids Cool Zone.
There is also a spa called Chi. Unfortunately, our parents had to skip this as they spent most of their time entertaining us.
Chi Spa
Overall it is a memorable stay for us. We loved the room, the facilities for kids, the pool and the beach. It was a relaxing holiday for us as we spent many hours chilling in the resort. We recommend a walk in the evening around the compound, as the night lights were beautiful. If you have a family with young kids, Rasa Sentosa will be a top choice for Staycation in Singapore.

Rasa at night
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