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Ripley's Believe it or Not @ Genting Highlands

Ripley's Believe it or not
As The Wacky Duo, we always have a penchant for quirky stuff. When we stumbled upon Ripley's Believe it or not, we decided that we would like to pay the attraction a visit.
Really... It is not Mom or Dad's idea... believe it or not!

At the entrance we were greeted by a very large man, an elephant remains and walls of odd looking people. Already we are fascinated and can't wait to see what is in store for us.
Ripley's world
We stepped into Ripley's with wide open eyes. Ripley's is founded by Robert Ripley . It started with a comic panel and have grown into a franchise of exhibits and oddities.
Can you answer that
Adorning the wall are some of the most interesting maths questions. They are as mysterious as some mathematical questions that are said to have appeared in PSLE. We have no idea what it means, but Mom and Dad had spend a while trying to decipher the questions.
English prison door
We also spotted a few interesting exhibit such as real English prison doors and Vampire Killing Kit. It would be good if you can spend a while reading the history of the exhibits. Being wacky kids, it will be hard for us to stay still in one spot for long, this this 'luxury' was not enjoyed by our parents.
Vampire killing kit
The most fun we had are the 'interactive' exhibits. We had tons of laugh when Daddy sat on the torture chair. After a while, Little Lou 's heart melted and he decided to save Daddy from his agonising experience.
Torture chair
As for us, we decided to sit on this other chair instead. This is the luckiest chair in the world made entirely on horseshoes it is fabled that all successful uncles and aunties who won money at Genting would visit Ripley just to sit on this chair before proceeding to the casino.
The luckiest chair in the world
Amongst the exhibit we spotted a man in a cage. Apparently the little man was jailed in a bird chair for being defiant. We heard Daddy giving his looks of approval... Uh oh, hope this does not give him any funky ideas on disciplining us.
Man in a cage
Little Lou spotted a coin covered mini and decided that will be his new car. He figured with that car , he could probably buy lots of $1 ice cream in Ikea. Unfortunately we reminded him that we are in Genting and the car is probably covered in Rm instead of Sgd.
Coin covered car.
We like the fact that some exhibits are open and interactive. Chck out how we mnanaged to keep a tower of books from falling!
Falling books @Ripley's
Ripley's is famous for showcasing the oddities in Human, do not miss this part of the exhibit where it showcase humans with almost impossible 'talents'. Can you stick out your tongue and touch your nose ( using your tongue) . Apparently someone can and he can even gobble up the entire nose!
Human oddities
The oddities continues into the animal kingdom which we did a quick tour through. The open jaws of a shark somewhat hasten our pace at this section.
Shark attack!
On the way out, we spotted the worlds tallest man standing at about 9feet. At 4 feet tall , Big C is a little shorter than him. Since he is only 6, there is still a chance puberty will take over and make him just as tall.Only time will tell!
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There are about 30+ Ripley's museum found in the world. The one at Genting is the one closest to home. Admission is a reasonable RM22 for adult and RM 18 for child (below$10)For an hour of weird, wild and wacky fun, we recommend this as part of Genting for kids itinerary. Don't forget the spinning tunnel towards the exit!
Spinning tunnel
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