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Resort Hotel @ Genting Highlands Malaysia [Review]

Time : 5pm
Check-in: Resort Hotel @ Genting Highlands
Mission: To rest after an excruciating bum hurting 10 hours bus ride from Singapore. Given the time we travelled, we could very well be in Tokyo now.

The lobby
Checking in at 5 pm would be a breeze as this is past the peak checking-in period. However, it took us over half an hour before we were attendees. A tip for checking in -do head to the ticketing machine next to the counter to get a queue ticket.

We had chosen the Resort hotel for our stay in Genting. This hotel can only get on its own if you hold a Genting rewards Silver card. We managed to snag a room via our tour agent Transtar in Singapore. Compared to The Mammoth First World, the hotel lobby is relatively small. Some seats are on the side of the entrance, for you to wait. In addition, there is a Coffee bean outlet and a minimart in the hall for you to indulge while you wait. We could not see a cafe on the lobby floor and later realized the nearest restaurant was a floor above. It was, unfortunately, close while we were there.

Coffee bean
The Resort hotel room looked recently renovated. Sporting a more updated look, the room we had came with twin Super Single size beds that can sleep an adult and a child 2 adults if you are really petite) It has 2 chairs at the window, a reading table and a flat screen tv. On TV are some local and international channels. However, the reception to the international media is fuzzy at best, except for the Sports Channel... So expect little there.

The beds are comfortable, and we wasted no time lazing on them upon arrival.

Comfy beds
After a while, we were coaxed into exploring the rest of the hotel room. There is an 'interesting' cupboard on the side with sliding doors that can open on the other end towards the shower area. Thus it is no surprise we spend quite a while playing in the closet!

In addition, there is a safe within the closet.

The bathroom has Genting branded amenities and a rainforest shower instead of a bathtub. Overall the space is sufficient to house 2 adults and 2 kids. Coffee and tea-making facilities are available. There is a mini fridge, too, but no mini bar is included.

Genting amenities
The view from the hotel was a big ho-hum as we were located on the 2nd floor. Given that we were rather late in checking in, we had litlittleon. It is advisable to request higher floor rooms when booking to ensure you get a good space. There was no air con available but a fan in the room. However, even with windows closed, we felt cool due to the general lower temperature outdoors.The room itself was of average quality. It is a 3.5-star hotel rather than its touted 4 stars. Location-wise, it is near Grand Genting, and the now-defunct outdoor theme park is just at your doorstep. It is a 5 to 10 minutes walk to First World Plaza, where most of the entertainment is located. Nevertheless, walking is a breeze given that there are sheltered walkways and the weather is a charm.

Would we stay at the Resort hotel again?

Given the alternative is a First World Hotel, we would gladly choose this over the latter. Apparently, Daddy had some experiences with unwanted guests at First World Hotel during his previous stay. For this hotel, it was much 'cleaner', and Daddy slept like a baby, as could be heard from his snores and grunts throughout the night. As a testimonial to how much we enjoyed our stay, Little Lou refused to leave when it was time for us to depart for Singapore. For that, Resort Hotel gets brownie points in our review.

Our view
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