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Halloween Dining @ The King Louis

The King Louis
Halloween is coming!

This is the day where the little ghouls come out to play.

Over the Halloween weekend, we were invited back to The King Louis for a Halloween Treat. This is our second visit after the very sumptuous banquet a few weeks back. Naturally we were eager to return after the fond memories of having a feast at the castle. We could not wait to get reacquainted with our favourite knights at the King Louis.

The King is back!
I was more than delighted to be back at my namesake realm. This time, the castle had a Halloween twist to it. Ghouls of all shapes and sizes had taken over the castle ground.

The Pumkin takes over
Wrapped in veils of spiderwebs with the creepy crawlers abound throughout, The King Louis had been transformed to a haunted castle filled with skulls , pumpkins and amputated hands.
As creepy as it may sound, we were unperturbed. We knew that it is in the spirit of Halloween, thus we were more amused than afraid of the props. We know our mission here tonight is not to be a ghoul's dinner treat but to enjoy the Halloween Platter.

Dine with the Spiders
Let the feasting begin!

Platter C

Our meal started with Platter C ($21.90)
Comprising of crispy wedges, castle chicken ,calamari, prawn twisters and banana bacon roll, this platter is suited for our little taste buds. It was not long before we devoured our share.
Kids Mac and Cheese
Next up is the The kids Mac and Cheese($12.50).
Loaded with creamy cheese. This would probably rank among our favourite dish for the night. Nothing beats a mouthful of creamy cheese that melts in the mouth.
Princess Taisie's Fish and Chips
As part of our main course, we have the Princess Taisie's Fish and chips ($12.50).
Deep fried fish served with straight cut fries , coleslaw and tartar sauce. It is the classical Fish and Chips dish.
Our verdict : Crunchy and Tasty!

The Halloween platter
When our main dish, The Halloween platter( $80++) arrived, we were already stuff with the delicious dishes prior. That did not stop us in indulging in this huge platter that served 2-3 adults.
The following items are included in the dish

  • Roasted Beef with Black Pepper Sauce
  • Premium BBQ Baby Back Ribs
  • Open Baked King Prawn with Melted Mozzarella Cheese
  • Grilled Crayfish with Garlic and Herbs
  • Pan Scared Fillet of Norwegian Salmon
With a dish serving the best of land and sea, it is a Halloween Feast deserving for Kings. To top it off, it tasted as delicious as it looks!

Halloween dip
For this period of Halloween , there is also a lucky dip for those who spend above $100. That means extra treats for the spooks!

After our big feast, we decided to have a tour around the spooky grounds. If you expect ghouls or spooks to be popping up while you are having your meals, you would be disappointed. Instead The King Louis had tastefully decorated the castle premises to resemble a haunted castle.

The King Louis is a great place to bring the little ones to enjoy Halloween without the scares. After all it is a family restaurant and having headless ghouls creeping up on diners may not be a sensible thing. Instead, with the castle decorated in the theme, it allows the diners to feel the spirit of the season. There may be one or two props that are hard to swallow ( like a bloodied hand), but we took it in jest and enjoyed it for what it is worth.

Big C was so inspired that he drew an impression of what he saw.
Halloween Masterpiece
What is a castle theme restaurant without the knights?
We simply love the knights outfit the staff are donning for special occasions. It certainly up the atmosphere at The King Louis.

Knights in waiting
And if you are lucky, you might even spot King Louis making his rounds. Guess who is The King Louis here...

The King and I
Halloween dining is available from 24th October to 3rd November
The Halloween Platter is available at $80++ for 2-3 pax or $160++ for an up size version. The up size version comes with a complimentary bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon

The King Louis

#03-07A ( Beside Daiso)

12pm - 10 pm

Fri-Sat & Eve of PH

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  1. Oh Halloween! This is quite creepy but still the foods here are yummy!


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