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Peek-A-Boo! @ Kallang Leisure Mall

The game of Peek-A-Boo is one you would usually engage with babies. So when we learn that we will be heading to Peek-a-boo! for a classmate birthday party, we were rather skeptical at what we can do there.

Images of a place filled with babies filled our heads. Granted we were one of them not too long ago, it does not mean we would like to relive our babyhood.

It was not till we spotted the 4 story tall structure that we decided to change our minds about the place... Peek-a-boo! rocks... Or does it?
Peek-a-boo Kallang
Located in Kallang Liesure Mall on the second floor, Peek-a-boo! is a smallish indoor playground located at a corner of the mall.

I had been to the playgound before Little Lwas born about 4 years. At that time , it was branded as Go-Go-Bambini. I have not been there since to see what had changed.

Contrary to it's namesake, the playground is more suitable for bigger kids at least age 3 and up. The premises is divided into three areas, namely, the 4 storey high playground structure, a padded mat area in front of it and a chill out area for adults/ parties.

The Playground

Space Dog
The playground takes minor design cues from space exploration. The exterior resembles a space shuttle in certain parts.

Honestly, the structure look similar to how it was a few years ago save for the change on the floor padding.
Before / After
Take a look at the above picture and spot the differences!

Ball pit
On the first floor , there is a longish ball pit by the side. We are not sure why it is shaped this way with openings on both sides, however it may be dangerous for someone to just lie down on the ball pit and if he or she is a tiny tot, there is always a possibility of an accident should some child decided to ran over the ball pit.

Ball Pit
We spotted some wear and tear within the structure, so our guess is that it may be time for the management to do some minor repair. Nonetheless , since there was a party held on that day, we must say that there was no accidents , minor or major , with at least over 25 kids on the same premises.
Be warn though , with so many kids and in a smallish spot, the noise decibels could be near the unhealthy range.
We decided regardless of the flaws, this playground deserve a proper run through ... And so off we go.
Running through!
My brother decided to explore the grounds with a leisurely stroll instead.
Little Lou in action
In a matter of minutes we have already made our way to the top. Daddy found it almost impossible to follow us through due to his size. Certain parts of the structure require a rather slim and demure adult to make it through.
Up, up and away
The fastest way down would be via this one and only closed 3 story slide. So if you intend to let your little onesto roam by themselves, make sure he or she is mobile enough to tackle the obstacles. For older boys it should be no problem, likewise for a 3 year old playground veteran.
Slides are not an issue for him, evident from his countless rides down.
Testing out the slide.
Pretty soon, Little Lou decided that climbing the 4 storey structure for the 12th time would be a little too much , so he decided to explore the rest of the playground.

Around the playground
He found An empty house and a kitchen in the premise. We wonder why they are there?
Empty kitchen
For little kids, there are some riders for them to try on. However given how the bigger kids take over the playground, there are limited 'safe ' places for a toddler to play at.

There is a separate chill out area for adults . There is a magazine rack there filled with parenting magazines and others to entertain the adults. However do note that the playground is out of view at that area. So if you intend to enjoy a cuppa and eyeing your child at the same time, it will definately be a challenging task.

The area is also used as a party area for birthdays.
Party time
The playground offers a drop off service for child age 4 and above. However it will be for a 2 hours time slot. For child below 4 , an adult must accompany the child.

We think the drop off service is good only if there are sufficient supervision at the playground structure.  From our observation during the party, the staff are busy preparing the party and there was not one staff located at the play structure. Granted that there were dozens of parents hanging around the structure , we still think minimum supervision should be enforce given that some of these kids were using the drop off services.

As such we do not recommend the drop off services unless your child is of age and you are comfortable with handling potential accidents if any.

Will we be back again?
Given the space and the limited things we can do, there are more interesting options avaliable. It may be a while before we make it back here.
Peek-a-boo rates
Peek-a-boo admission charges

9 months and below Free
9 months to 23 months. $12
Above 24 months $15

Unlimited play unless you are using the drop-off service for 2 hours.
One adult free per child, additional adult at $3
Peek-a-boo! is located at 5 Stadium Walk #02-12-13

Opens 10am-830pm

Building bricks

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