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Rasa Sentosa Resort Dining : Restaurants Review

Dine on 3
During our Staycation at Rasa Sentosa Resort, we spend the most time at the pool and beach. However the restaurants on the resort came in a close third in terms of the time spend. As such , we think the restaurants located at Rasa Sentosa Resort deserve a little review of their own.
The main restaurants are located at Dine on 3. It is a unique dining concept with a cluster of restaurants and a bar under on roof. The restaurants found are as follows- Silver Shell Cafe, 8 Noodles, Casserole and Barnacles.

Silver Shell Cafe : Buffet Breakfast
Let's start with the breakfast buffet at Silver Shell Cafe. We started off with this as we had spend 2 glorious days feasting at their breakfast buffet.
Entrance to Silver Shell Cafe
We usually are not Breakfast people, even though it is the most important meal of the day. During school days, we usually have a slice of bread and cheese to start off the day as we prepare for our school. When we saw the display of delectable delights at the cafe, we were a little overwhelm.Panic sets in...
Where do we start???
Breakfast at Silver Shell
There were a wide variety ranging from Chinese noodles, English bread, Indian Prata and Nasi Lemak at the buffet. The best of all, the restaurant has a kid's corner that has carefully chosen cereals, bread, cakes and more for us. Best of all, the serving counter is kids height, allowing us to indulge in picking up our food for the day.
Kid's Corner Silver Shell Cafe
We spotted clowns giving away specially made muffins for kids.
Muffins for kids
It was refreshing to have breakfast at a leisure pace. We ate more than we normally do, but there are no complains. This is probably one of the rare time we spend more than 1 hour just chilling and eating. Do note if you are staying at the resort, kids under 12 dines for free at buffet.
Our Food
For the adult, the varied choices available made this buffet especially yummy. Daddy had his share of Nasi Lemak, Wanton Noodles, Bacon and eggs and more... all in 1 sitting!
Operating Hours
Buffet Breakfast : 630am-1030am
Buffet Lunch : 12 Noon to 230pm

8 Noodles - Lunch
8 Noodles@ Rasa Sentosa
Tucked away towards the end of Dine on 3 is the 8 Noodles. It served noodles of various types and it probably the cheapest option of the restaurants at Rasa Sentosa. The restaurant is clad in bright cheery yellow and fitted with old school chairs and marble tables. It is a rather quaint place to visit after a generic looking Silver Shell Cafe.
8 Noodles
We took the Char Kway Teow ($22++) and the Roast Meat Noodles( $17++) Portion wise, the Char Kway Teow is meant for 2 , while the roast meat portion on the noodles are sufficient for 2. Taste wise, they are as yummy as how these local favourite dishes should be.
Operating Hours : 11am-11pm
Choose your noodles.
Dinner - Barnacles Restaurant
Our dinner for the first night was at Barnacles. If you are looking for ala carte individual portion, this will be your dinner location for the night. The Restaurant is located at the 'entrance' to Dine on 3 and provides a nice pool view if you are seated outdoors.
Individual Portions
There is a mix of western and eastern dishes on the menu. Daddy had the mix grilled ( $35++) and Mommy had the Indonesia styled Nasi Goreng ( $25++). As for me I had a specially done egg fried rice which unfortunately cost as much as a normal seafood fried rice ($22++)
Egg Fried rice
The food was probably average. We learnt later that the favourite would be the seafood platter but we did not take that as I was not a big fan of seafood.Dinner is pricier than usual and it set us back by about $130++
A Kiss for Mommy
The ambiance was definitely delightful. It is a romantic place to bring your love ones to. It was so beautiful I could not help giving Mommy a kiss.
Balcony Seats
Do ask for the balcony seats as they provide the best ambiance for the evening. You probably need to book in advance as we had failed to book those seats earlier in the day. Barnacles is only open for dinner daily.
Operating Hours : 6pm-1030pm
Silver Shell Cafe : Buffet Dinner
Buffet at Shell Cafe
We decided to go for buffet dinner ($58++) at Shell Cafe for the last night. As kids dine free for hotel guests, it may be a better option for families . Moreover you have a larger variety of food to choose from.
As per the morning buffet, the Kid's Corner is set up for dinner as well.
Dinner Kids Corner
As for the adults, other than the seafood, there is a variety of International and Asian cuisine to choose from. However comparing to breakfast, the variety seems to be lesser. In addition drinks such as juices are not included. However coffee and tea are available for the diners as part of the buffet.
Asian Food
As for us, we enjoyed the shell-like cushion seats indoor. It was so comfortable that we spend another more than 1 hour session dining. It was certainly a feasting holiday for us.
Time to eat
The Adults choice
There was even a band that crooned delightful resort music to serenade us during the buffet.
Operating hours
Buffet Dinner : 6pm to 10pm
Lastly there is another restaurant, Casserole that offers Indian, Moroccan, Southeast Asian and Western specialties served in sharing portions.We did not tried the option as it was only opened for dinner and we had only 2 nights there.
Operating Hours : 6pm-10pm

For those who want to dine by the beach, there is the Trapizza operated by the resort located on Silosa Beach. It is an open air dining option serving thin-crust pizzas and pastas. We decided to save that option for another day as it is open to the public daily

Operating Hours : 11am-930pm

We mark the end of our gastronomical delights at Rasa Sentosa. For more on our staycation. Do click on the banner below.

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