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Whimsical U Picnic @ West Coast Park

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Food, Fun and Experience!

That is what we had at the inaugural U Picnic held last year at the Marina Barrage. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we decide to make a return on the sophomore year at West Coast Park. It did not take much convincing for us to head outdoors especially when we heard park. Afterall we associate parks with play given our experiences at Parks.

Events for the day
This year, the crowd had swell to double of last year successful mass picnic. We almost had to miss the picnic as we could not find a parking spot. It was almost by sheer chance we found a spot further ahead near the numerous upcoming condo projects in the vicinity.
Let's go to the picnic.
Upon beating the parking woes, we made our way to the picnic ground. We spotted a huge playground next to the picnic grounds (this was our first foray into West Coast Park) and it was no surprise we demand a run around the playground before we settled down.
Conquering West Coast Park
This year's picnic seem to have more fringe event. There are booths where you can grab as many candies as you can, photobooth, candy booth, balloon sculpture booth and lots more. The queues for each were quite long given this year's 6000 strong crowd so we decided to give them a miss.
Note to organisers- we know queuing is a uniquely Singapore culture, but that does not mean we should embrace it. Keep the queues short for 2014 with more activities so we can join in!
Candy Store
As with last year, we had a picnic basket given for registered picnickers. The park however is not cordoned off , thus anyone can join in the picnic. The fringe activities are open to those who registered. It was a little messy as picnickers were scattered rather than concentrated at the picnic grounds. Nevertheless given the crowd, the picnic grounds were quickly filled up.
Picnic Bags
The theme for this year is whimiscal Upicnic. We were joined by gardens faries, mythical creature and a golden man for this picnic. These little touches does enhance the picnic experiences.
Whimsical weekend
As the day goes, the picnic ground was filled with families of all sizes. Being Children Day's weekend, this is a good way to spend time with the children as well. The notion of a mass picnic is a good one. It gives families every reason to step outdoors and enjoy the company.
Whimsical ground
After our playground ventures, it was time to settle down.
Mommy was away overseas for work, so this is an all boys outing .
It was time for some bonding time with Dad. We were all dress in matching green in the hope that we may get pick for best dress family. However our entourage was rather small and may be hard to spot amongst the large crowd. In anycase we were probably camouflaged on the green field.

Too Loud
For entertainment , we had acts such as the local band Afterhours with their chill out music,
a whimsical, magical musical,numerous stage games for families and
Watching the entertainment
the delicate Sky Ballet Dancing.
Sky Ballet Dancing
It is always enjoyable when we head outdoors. We loved the fact that we had arces of space to spread our legs and enjoy a leisure evenings, while being entertained under the sun stars.
This year the picnic basket was well stock with potato chips, fruit sticks, cereals, water and more. Enough to fill 2 hungry boys.
We do recommend to pack your own as potato chips isn't always considered as a dinner delicacy in most cases.
There were also crayons and prints for us to draw.We think that the organiser had put in more thoughts in the basket to cater more to kids.
Since we decided not to queue for the fringe activities, we created our own to entertain ourselves.
Colour Time

U Picnic
We were at the Picnic till the sun goes down. As we are at the West of Singapore, we got a first class seat to watch the sunset.
The Golden Hour
Thanks for the invite U Family. We will be back next year!
PS : Hopefully it will be held at a place with sufficient carparks!
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