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Chilling out @ Timbre

During the first weekend of November, we were told we will be going to a barracks, specifically Gillman ( not Gillan ) barracks. Given that it is an old army barrack, we were given the impression that tanks will be roaming about the streets and we will see soldiers guarding the premises. We thought that it may be our time to conscript into the army!!

Thankfully conscription can wait ( say more than a decade later). Instead we were treated to an evening of pleasure at the Saturday Social BBQ held at TImbre @ Gillan.
Saturday Social BBQ
The road trip to Timbre was an interesting experience . Tucked somewhere in the middle of Gillman barracks at Block 9B, getting there by car would be the best option. As Block 9b is somewhat 'hidden' , just look for Block 9 and park within the vicinity.
Upon reaching the spot, you should be able to spot a distinctive red Bali like door surrounded by lush greenery. This touch add to the lay back atmosphere that would greet you from within. The chill out area is a shaded Al Fresco area. Seating wise , we estimated that it could easily house 100 pax or more. It was filled to the brim on the Social BBQ day, so we suggest a booking for this event.
Craft sessions

It is no surprise why the Social BBQ Saturday is popular. There are special fringe activities for kids ranging from face painting,tattooing, arts and craft during the event which lasted from 4pm till late.
Happy lad
Naturally these had got us hooked! It is no surprise to see beaming faces of little kids in the vicinity; us included!
Drumming workshop
Drum session
After our craft activities , we were entice by the beat of drums to check out another section of the premises. There was a informal drum lessons by JAM ( Junior Academy of Music) for kids and we reckoned it was an offer that was hard to resist.
Drummer boy

After our jamming session, we head back to do what most rock stars would do... Have a tattoo.
Play area
Boy of Steel
Armed with a badass tattoo, the boy of steel decided to roam the open area at the side of the dining area.
Where are you going?
The play area was filled with balls and tents. Perfect for little monsters like us.
Field day
Just a few pointers to have a good time at the open fields. Keep away for the fences on the left side as it leads to a steep 5 metre drop to a ravine on the side. It is good that the fences are there, but there should be some signs to alert the parents as this was an unsupervised area. There are mozzies too, so remember to grab some complimentary mosquito patches from the staff.
Nonetheless , it was nice to be able to roam about on grass compared to the concrete jungle that we are used to.
Fence and mozzies
Social BBQ
It is not all about play at Timbre. The adults get to kick back and enjoy the BBQ on site. In case you have the notion that you need to do the hard work of BBQING, no fret. Chefs are on hand to cook the dishes to perfection for you.
Baby Back Ribs
We tried the Baby Back Ribs $17
Quattri Formaggi Pizza
Our favourite would be the signature thin crust pizza. We had the cheesy Quattri Formaggi Pizza $17
Timbre Chicken Wings
Don't forget the classic Timbre chicken wings $15 to add to the BBQ charms
Truffle Fires
We were made to wait an hour for our Truffle Fries $11 due to overwhelm kitchen, but it was worth the wait.
Beer please
Since Timbre is a pub/restaurant , there are chilled beer on taps.
Munch time
For kids, there is a kids menu that is only avaliable every Saturday.
Kids menu
Along with a delicious meal and a rolling good time during the fringe activities, there was also a live performances that starts at 8pm. Given that we had already roam about for a good 3 hours prior to that, we had to miss it as we head back home to recharge our batteries.
Music Stage
It was a chilling good time for us. The urban chic atmosphere is great for families during this Saturday Social BBQ . Our only gripe is that the Saturday Social BBQ is only held on the first Saturday of the month. In our opinion, it should be a weekly affair!

Mark your calendars, the next one will be on 7th December.

Timbre @ Gillman Barracks
9A Lock Road #01-05
Singapore 108926


  1. The wings and fries looked good!

  2. its gillman not gillan... cant imagine you repeating the same mistakes all over-

    1. Bfc thanks for pointing it out. Can't believe spell check can't pick out the mistake... All over!!! Aghast... Aiyah even computers make mistake much less humans :)


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