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World Drum Night 2 : An Epic Drum Experience

Thump Thump Thump

The sound of the drums resonated in our heads. It was a few weeks ago we had attended the World Drums Night 2 held at Republic Plaza, yet the constant beat of the drums rule our vibes till this day.At the invitation of Zingo 惊鼓人, our favourite local drum group, we attended the evening with eager anticipation. Zingo was not the main act of the show. Rather the concert features 5 polytechnics coming together to perform for the first time on one stage. Zingo will be the guest performance. No points for guessing who we will be rooting for the night.

Singapore Polytechnic Japanese Daiko Drummers
Daiko Drummers
The main performances kicks off with the Singapore polytechnic Daiko Drummers. With its roots in Japan drums culture, the performance literally started off with a bang.
Conversation by
Nanyang Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra
Chinese Orchesta
The beat continues with the Nanyang Polytechnic. The performances defies our perception of Chinese orchestra with its highly engaging rhythmic beats.

Check out the video on precision drumming

Negee Ann Polytechic Baracuda Batcucada
Baracuda Batcucada
The drum beats took a different twist with Ngee Ann Polytechnic Baracuda Batcucada. Beating to the Conga beat, this was a refreshing and energetic performance.

Nanyang Polytechnic Symphonic Orchestra

The mood lightens with a light performance by the Nanyang Polytechnic symphonic orchestra.
Republic Polytechnic Beats Encore

It picked up with Republic Polytechnic energised performance.

Zingo Festival Drums
The event climax with the performance we had been waiting for. Little Lou reserved his loudest cheer for Zingo when they appeared.

Young Zingo
The familiar intro to Zingo performance echoes the walls of a Republic plaza.

New moves
We were treated to a new cheography added to the performance by way of a 'battle'. In addition, Zingo seemed to be a little different, with new additions to what was formerly an all male troupe.

Nontheless,themimprint of Zingo remains. With its infectious beat and well cheographed movements, it remains our favourite drummers for the night.


Young blood
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Needless to say, we are bona fide fans of Zingo.


The concert ended on a high note with the finale item featuring drummers from all performing groups. They trill us with their stunning blend of rhythm, traditional and modern drumming!

World Drummers
It was a kaleidoscope of drums from all over the world with even a beat box performance by Idham Budiman thrown into the mix. This was Indeed an engaging performance combing the new school and old school of drums.

Idham Budiman
Thanks to the hardwork of the troupe leaders, this performance was excellent in more ways than one. It was a good evening spend exposing to class acts of drums from all over the world. Price at $10 a head for the performance. It is indeed a bang for your buck!

Riduan Zalani , Roch and the troupes leaders
A special thanks to Roch of Zingo for the invite. The former youngest fan of Zingo still loves the music and he has now pass the baton to his younger brother.
Can't wait for next year's performance!

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