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Jumbo Seafood East Coast Park : Chilli Crabs!

Jumbo seafood
Graduation time, it's time to celebrate!

To mark my preschool graduation, we head down to East Coast Seafood Centre for a seafood feast. It had been quite a while since we had seafood. Having dinner by the sea sounds like an enticing preposition to us.Jumbo seafood was chosen as our dinner venue as it is reputed to be the best Seafood restaurant serving Chilli crabs in Singapore.
East Coast Seafood Centre
We were joined by our cousins and grandparents for this sumptuous feast ahead.
Jumbo is founded since 1987 and had since established several branches in Singapore. The restaurant at East Coast Seafood Center is probably one of the more popular outlet due to its choice location by the sea. In addition to Jumbo Seafood, the group also own Jpot and Yoshimaru franchise
Jumbo Group
Jumbo is housed in a 2 storey building. The lower level is for al fresco dining and the upper floor is air conditioned. It would be nice to dine by the ocean, but we decided to take the creature comfort of air conditioning.
Jumbo - Second Floor
It may be romantic to dine under the stars, however given it is the weekend and Jumbo is famous for its crowds , we decided the air-conditioned level would be more suited to kids our age.You can order a la carte or opt for set menu that starts from $188++ for 4.
Take your pick
Most set menu comes with the famed Chilli Crab that ranked nĂºmero uno in Singapore. It is a must try item regardless if you order the set or otherwise. From what we had seen, it is the dish that is on almost every table at Jumbo.
Set menu includes Chilli crab
The feast began
We started off with the famed Chilli Crabs. We had about 11 people on the table and had 2 gigantic Sri Lanka crabs to start off with. Since only the adults are eating ( chilli and kids are normally not good buddies) , there is sufficient portion for each one.
Chilli crab
The happy look on everyone's face is a testimony to the dish.As for us, we indulge in the Fried Man Tou instead. The Fried Man Tou goes well with the sweet Chilli Crab sauce. We do prefer the crispy bun on its own.
Fried Man Tou
For those eating crabs and are worried about getting the clothes dirty, Jumbo do provide aprons for those accidental splashes from the crabs.
Jumbo Apron
We reckoned it is good for kids to wear them too.
Our dishes comes recommended from one of the bosses at Jumbo. Knowing that we have a table of starving kids, she had kindly prepared a few selected kids friendly dishes.
Salad You Tiao
We love the salad you tiao dish. Loaded with sesame and a generous dose of cuttle fish wrapped on crispy you tiao skin, this dish is a sure hit among the kids.
Kai Lang
Next we have the very green Kai Lan that our parents made us eat!
Honey Pork Ribs
The sweet tasting honey pork ribs is another favourite of ours.
Fried Cod Fish
We had the fried cod fish that comes with a special sauce for it.
Steam Prawns
Steam prawns made it to the table as well.

Satay can be ordered as well. There will be someone who would come to you to take the orders and it will be consolidated to the bill. On hindsight we would suggest to omit this dish and the taste somewhat clashes with the seafood selection that we had.
Egg Fried Rice
Something for the kids, a specially made egg fried rice for the fussy eater.
Seafood Hor Fun
Last but not least, we had the seafood Hor Fun. It is best to eat it hot as it was a tad dry after we let it 'cool'
We ended off with a platter of fruits that Little Lou enjoyed the most. He practically wiped out the whole portions of papaya when it is a platter prepared for 10. He must be extremely hungry during the evening.
Do book your seats before you go especially on weekends or you might be sorely disappointed with the possibility of getting a seat. The place was packed to the brim throughout the night and we did see a snaking queue when we left!

We think the good food and atmosphere is a winning combination at Jumbo!

Jumbo Seafood
East Coast Seafood Centre
Blk 1206 , East Coast parkway
Singapore +65 6442 3435

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