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Celebrate Christmas With Canon Creative Park

Canon Pixma craft
Christmas is coming in a month's time.

Traditionally this would be the time for you to put up a Christmas tree if you are celebrating the event. We had a guide to decorating a Christmas tree last year.

Christmas tree from Creative Park
This year, we decided to improvise with making a paper tree with the artwork obtained from Canon Creative Park.

If you are looking for decorative ideas for Christmas, this site does provide you with numerous options for Christmas craft that you can do with your child.
Start working!
The Christmas tree we opted for is printed on 5 pages. We suggest using Canon Matt photo paper for a better quality printout. The paper is thicker than normal paper and is used generally for printing craftwork.

The task a hand takes a little longer than we thought. The cutting and pasting of it took over an hour. Dad did most of the work, since the portions to cut can be too tiny for our little hands to manage.
The craft at Creative Park can be a tad challenging for kids. For a more child-friendly option, do head to Canon Pixma town
What would this become?
Volia , the tree is up.
Christmas tree
The Christmas tree would only be completed with the ornaments hang.
All dressed up
The final output may not be as pretty as our original Christmas tree. Nonetheless it is great for desktop. So if you do need a tree on the desk. This would be a perfect fit for this coming season.
Merry Christmas!

For more craftworks done by us using the Canon Pixma printer. Check out the Craftworks we had down for the year
Over the weekend, we were invited down to Canon Creativity workshop held during this school holidays. Stay tuned while we prepare for the report with Video... A first for us.
Have a merry time decorating for Christmas!

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