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Be enchanted with Mickey Magic Show

Mickey's Magic Show
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E is in town

Nope, Disneyland is not setting up shop in Singapore. However Mickey Mouse and his gang had landed at Marina Bay Sands and set to transform the MBS theatres to the world's happiest place... With a little touch of magic!

We were whisked away to Marina Bay Sands on the opening night of Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show. As a bonus we have our comrades-in-play, our cousins T and K with us. Upon knowing that we are going to see Mickey live on Stage, we were full of enthusiasm and at our best behavior for the evening. With fantastic company and a potentially great show ahead, will it be a magical night for us?
Last year , we were at the same venue for a different Mickey show. That show was quite disappointing and forgettable. Let's see if this year show can match its hype.

Mickey's magic Show
The show began with the introduction of magicians , Benny and Bert. Along the way, you will encounter familiar Disney characters from Alice in Wonderland, Fiary godmother, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine and the gang from Mickey Mouse clubhouse performing their style of Disney Magic.

We love it.
The first part was rather tame with simple magic tricks introduced. Nonetheless , the audience lapped it up with resounding shouts of 'Abracadabra' to make the magic 'work'. The highlight for Mickey Mouse fanatics would be the scene from the Socerer's Apprentice where magical brooms floats around the stage.

Clearly , the kids in the audience ( along with some adults) are enjoying this show regardless of the magic tricks on stage.

Things picked up after the interval with many WOW acts. The floating Jasmine had an extra twist, the fastest escape act was a treat, the traditional woman-in-box-saw-into-two had a refreshing double act. Even Donald got into the act with a magical appearing out-of-thin-air trick.
They really save the best for last!

Thumbs up
Overall , it was a magical delight. The magical tricks may not be revolutionary, but it worked as it was sprinkled with Disney pixie dust. Put Mickey and Magic together and you will get a double dose of delight for the kids. This show will be a sure hit for kids age under 10. Compared to last year, this show is miles again in terms of value and entertainment. On a scale of 1 to 10, we give it a high 8.

Disney live! Mickey's Magic Show is still now until 1st Dec.

Disclaimer : Thanks to Kids Fiesta for arranging this!

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