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Minions Meet and Greet @ Universal Studios Singapore + Giveaway!

Minions @ USS
Media invite

Hands up fans of the yellow 99% Adorable 1% Despicable Minions.

So we guess it means 99% of our readers out there. If that is so, you will be delighted with the news that Minions from Despicable Me had taken over our beloved Universal Studios Singapore.

Minion fan
The arrival of the Minions
Is that a tank?
When we were told that we will be seeing the Minions, we thought that we will be watching a movie ( we have not watch Despicable Me yet...) However, we are no strangers to the Minions ever since we played the game Minion Rush on the iPads. Hence when we step into Universal Studio Singapore on a weekday evening, we know it would be something special for the evening.
Minions Invasion!
The movie can wait, especially when there were 2 lifesize Minions greeting us at the door for an exclusive preview. Meet Stuart and Jerry, the Minions of Gru.
Meet and Greet : Minions @ USS
The Minions could not speak or sing but they are great dancers. Little Lou immediately warmed up to their antics and attempts to communicate with them in Minions language.
Say hi to the one eye Stuart
He kept saying Ah O AH O to them. We could only guess that it meant hello in Minionese. It was pretty hilarious watching them having a 'conversation'.
After an impromptu dance performance by the Minions, we get to have a photo sessions with them.
Who is the Real Minion?
We were all smiles for the yellow ones. Since we were dress for the occasion, it would be quite difficult to tell the real Minions from the photo above.
Bye bye
Soon it is time for them to head for the bed. From the short interactions we think they are absolutely 101% adorable. For fans of the Minions, you will be please to know that they will be on duty to greet guests of Universal Studios Singapore officially on Dec 1st! Catch them at Hollywood Street!
Minions merchandise is now available!
Universal Studios Store
In the meantime, if you need your Minions Rush, you might be please to know that the Universal Studio Store have a brand new section catering to Minions merchandise.
99% Adorable 1% Despicable
Let us introduce you to a few new items in store.
100% Adorable
First off is the Minions T shirt ( Sgd 23.90). This is one item that minions fans would love to have.... Caveat, cute kid not included in the purchase.
Minions Plush
If you are looking for an official Minion plush toy (small ones cost Sgd 23.90)you are in luck! Minions of all shapes and sizes are in store.
Minion mountain
The boys are already checking out what they want for Christmas...
Wah , new toys for us?
Looking for something smaller? How about a Minion keychain? (Sgd $9.90)
Minions keychains
Or a Minion magnet ( Sgd 15.90)

Feeling thirsty? Have a drink with a Minion cup( Sgd 13.90)
Minion cup
Or with a Minion water bottle.
Minion Waterbottle
You can carry your stuff is a cute Minion Bag.
Minion Bag
If you insist on looking like a Minion, get a specially made Minion specs (Sgd 15.90)
Minions Specs
Nope , we are not part of the package.
Minions at shirts
To look like a Minion, wear your favourite Minion T shirts($23.9 onwards)
Minion cap
Or you can simply put on a minion cap over your face and Voila! Other forms of caps are available too.
Bedroom Slippers
Don't forget the bedroom slippers to complete the look!
Minions merchandise
They are selling accessories too.
Fart gun
Fart gun with light and sound effect. Thankfully they decided to omit the smell effect from the final production.
Minion lights
Need a light?
Action Play set
You could get the action play set for those make believe adventures.
Despciable cast
The Allies and Foes from Despicable Me are here too.
Evil Minions
If you fancy yourself to be the Minion of the month, this will be the plaque to get!
Minion of the Month
Currently Universal Studio Singapore does not have a minion theme attraction. Nonetheless don't rule this out yet, especially when Minion Mayhem , a 3D attraction is popping up in Universal Studios around the world.

Minions invasion
We reckoned that for now the Minions meet and greet as well as the new Minion merchandise would suffice to quench the thirst for the millions of Minions fans out there!
A special thanks to RWS team for making this night a Minionful night for the family!


  1. omg the minion specs are so cute!! I'm looking forward to this the next time we go USS :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Great to see you guys during the Minion meet! :)

    1. Good to meet you to. By the way, you got a great camera set up, your pictures are so sharp! Nice!

  3. wa the minion is so cute ~~
    but i missed the minion greet cause my play pass expired=(

  4. Wao...fantastic camera's lens, great depth of field effect created and your boy is so cute!!!


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