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Animal Safari Craft @ Canon Holiday Creativity workshop

The Canon pixma holiday creativity workshop is back!

This is the 2nd workshop for the year. Having attended the first one back in June, we were eager for a return trip. The theme for this workshop is Animal Craft, so expect to see lots of animal related craft work for this session.

Waiting to start
For this workshop , we will add another dimension to our report. For the first time, we will attempt to show the workshop in Video!

Video is made entirely on the new Canon Legria Mini.

Canon Legria Mini
The maiden effort was a challenge. Halfway through the workshop, we had accidentally deleted the first part of the workshop. At the end, we were only left with snippets of the remaining workshop.

Craft Time!

The tools
Thankfully Daddy is a better photographer than a videographer. So we still have memories from his trusted tool.
As per the first workshop we attended, we had to print our own photos using the Canon Pixma Printers.

Eager to start
Within minutes, an empty table is now filled with our craft materials. Thankfully we are not the ones cleaning up after the workshop !

Photos and craft materials
Fun and Games!
Prior to the start of the craftwork, energetic and funny emcees Joanne and Johnny attempts to warm up this youthful crowd. Through the clever use of fun games, it got the young ones into a mini frenzy .

Along the way, we caught up with Little Pumpkin from Sakura Haraku. Let's just say we discovered someone as wacky as us and within minutes we became best of pals.

The Wacky Trio
Record Breaking CraftworksAfter much fun, it's time to settle down for the serious stuff. Craftwork!For our first assignment , we are to create our very own safari calendar.

We took our craftwork seriously. Abandoning the earlier wackiness, it is all do to business. The materials and tools are already provided. We just add imagination.

Hard at work
With a little lots of help from our parents , our craftwork is completed. Our parents did most of the cutting while leaving the finishing touches to us.

Record breakers
Our animal calendar also made it to the Guinness book of records for being the largest group of people (officially 193) making calendars together.

In the end, we completed 2 sets of animal calendars and 2 sets of caterpillar inspired bookmarks. We reckoned it is a good job done for 3 hours of craftwork.

Off topic...
During this session, we had the chance to meet some of our readers who were inspired by our earlier post to join the workshop. We appreciate our readers' words of encouragement on our journal. Thank you for introducing yourselves and saying hi. It really makes our day knowing that our hard work and efforts in updating this journal had inspired and entertain as it was meant to be.

We hope to continue to inspire through our various activities and do say hi if you recognize us next time!

Craftwork can get messy and at times challenging with younger kids. However it does allow family time and who knows, one day you may find a Picasso in your brood.

We love how our little Canon printer can churn out so much fun. Maybe it is time to dump the iPad and start printing more creation . Till the next workshop. Have fun with your own creations! For more Canon inspired ideas, visit our previous post

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You can also make your own calenders from Canon Creative ParkFor more inspirational ideas visit Canon Craft Gurus for their tips on more craftworks with Canon Pixma Printers

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