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Pizzeria Mozza - Fine Pizza at MBS

During our window shopping at MBS, we had a sudden yearning for pizza.

Traditional oven bake pizza
Since we are at MBS, and the only pizza place is Pizzeria Mozza, we decided to pop in for a bite. Located towards the far end of MBS at B1 directly opposite the entrance to Sands theatre, this restaurant is hard to miss. Clad with a wooden facade, this is probably the place most show visitors will go to for a quick bite before and after the show.

Seeing how the pizza is cooked on an open stove adds a certain charm to our dining experience.

Pizzeria Mozza originated from Los Angelas. Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich are the celebrity chefs that helmed the original Pizzera Mozza. Our version is a replica of the main outlet with all the original recipe and settings.
This is Pizza for the connoisseur. Little did we know that we had step into the realm of pizza fine dining.

We ordered 2 pizza and a starter to fill our little stomach. It was a little hard to order given that the menu is is Italian. It will take a linguist to decipher what they have on offer. We figured it put with a lot of assistance from the staff.

Pizza 2
Back to the pizzas. We loved that the pizzas are thin crusted. There are quite a few unique selections but we stuck to the known . We love pizza with loads of cheese on them, anything else will definately be a gamble.

Overall the pizza tasted crunchy and the tomato sauce had a distinct aroma to it. It did suit our palate and we had finished it in a jiffy. The pizzas are a little different from the ones we had in the past as the crust takes up almost 30% of the whole pizza. Nontheless it was as tasty as it was crispy.
Ambiance wise, we do notice this joint is popular amongst tourists with a few families dining in as well. Not exactly kids friendly in terms of facilities and menu, but it does attract families with it's full suite of exquisite pizzas.

The pizzas taste as good as they look. Since this is located in MBS, it is more akin to fine pizza dining and so cost a little more than the normal 'pizza hut' fare. After all this is a celebrity chef restaurant in MBS.If you are ever at Marina Bay Sands and crave for a bite of fine tasting pizza, Pizza Mozza might be just the place to go.

Pizzeria Mozza
Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Acenue

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