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Christmas Sugar Mountain@Gardens By the Bay

Garden Angel
Super 'Christmas ' tree
Christmas arrives at Gardens by the Bay.

When we were told that we will be going to the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay to see the new Christmas Sugar mountain display, we did not quite know what to expect.

Would there really be a mountain of sugar on display ?

Meet Ananas and Berry
Pineapple boy Ananas and Srrawberry girl Berry greeted us at the entrance. For this Christmas , the Flower Dome presents the story of how these 2 fruits found a special mountain for them to co- exist, despite their different growing conditions.This flora and fruits exhibit was created by award-winning landscape designer, Kazuyuki Ishihara, a multi gold medallist at the prestigious Chesea Flower show.

Christmas Sugar Mountain
There was no mountain in sight until we reached higher ground. The mountain is actually a mini one situated on the flower bed. There Ananas and Berry found their paradise amongst strawberries, pineapples, pumpkins, capsicums, tomatoes and lettuce.

Christmas trees
Along the way to the flower bed, we were immersed in Christmas spirit as large red Christmas trees lines up the edge.
Wishing upon a star
It was not a blanket of red as we expected, but there are sufficient cues to recognize the Christmas season.
The reindeer are an obvious reference to the season.
We tried to ride on them but they flew too fast for us.
We ended up seated at the thrones, hoping that the reindeer would whisk us away.
We love the winter trees planted at the Flower Dome. You do not usually get to see them in Sunny Singapore. What is lacking is probably snow to give this a Christmassy feel.
Winter trees.
Don't forget to take photos at the Christmas tree.
Another thing to look out for are the blooming flowers around the garden. Take a closer look while you are there. There are plenty of beautiful blooms at the Flower Dome.

We finally made our way to the Christmas Sugar mountain.
Christmas Sugar mountain
To be honest, this display does not pop out to you as how the Spring celebration or mid autumn festival decorations did. On first sight, you will be hard press to visualize the story it tries to portray.
Sugar mountain
There are nuggets of interesting decorations such as the veggie truck and the different fruits as part of the landscape.
Veggie truck

This is not your typical Christmas decoration. Those looking for jingle bells or Christmas Wreath may left wanting more. Instead, this year theme is taking on a different feel from the tradition Christmas setting. In a quirky way , this whimiscal setting is both enchanting and intriguing.
For a different perspective of Christmas, do head down to the Flower dome. 'Christmas Sugar Mountain ' from 20th Nov to 5th Jan 2014.
Christmas is coming

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