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Best Places to watch Singapore New Year Eve Fireworks 2014

Countdown over Marina Bay
Christmas may be over, but in less than a week's time, the world will be preparing for another major celebrations... New Year Eve 's Celebration.The celebration will not be completed without a kaleidoscope of Fireworks to light up the sky worldwide. In Singapore, the perennial countdown will happen at the familiar Marina Bay Area.

Being last year Official Blogger for Singapore Countdown 2013, we had the privilege of witnessing the Fireworks up close at Marina Bay. Given the prior experiences, we would like to share the best spots to view the BANG BANG BANG on the big night.

1 - Around Marina Bay

Source : Marina Bay
The most obvious area will be around the bay. For this Fireworks, it should be oriented towards the Esplanade. Thus, for the best visual pictures, head to the Esplanade. Do remember to bring your wide lens and the tripods if you want to catch a decent fireworks picture. Be there early as crowd build up as early as 9 in the evening.

A warning -be prepare for human crush. You will feel it AFTER the Fireworks end as most roads seal off after the event. We suggest parking at the nearby Marina South Shopping Mall for easy access.
This place is not exactly ideal for families with young Tots , but is one that guarantees the best Fireworks views.

2. Gardens By the Bay

Gardens By the Bay Fireworks
For a less crowded option , consider the areas around Gardens By the Bay. The view from the Supertrees arena as well as the nearby Marina Barrage would be choice sites to get a decent view of the fireworks. There should be enough elbow space given the vast grounds of the Gardens.
Bring a picnic bag!

3 Gardens By the Bay East

Gardens By the Bay East
Away from the maddening crowd, this will be a favourite spot amongst the Eastenders. Do note the limited parking lots. The view is decent all along the coast line next to the Gardens. It will be a tad dark and probably not much to do till the big bang. Nonetheless it is family friendly. You would be away from the traffic and crowd and that is a plus in terms of experiences.
1 Min More
The clock is counting down. Don't forget to turn to your love ones and give them the traditional Happy New Year Greeting and Kisses when the clock strikes 00:00:00 !


  1. Worst organisation of a fireworks display anywhere I have been around the world. I came all the way from Australia to see them only to be denied access to the Marina Bay viewing areas when we went down there at 10pm from our hotel. Singapore - you do tourism really badly.

    1. Sorry to hear about your experiences. We did face a human crush a year ago, so probably they are restricting the number of people around the bay for safety reasons. Hope you did catch the fireworks!


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