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Celebrate Christmas with Prima Deli Log cakes

Christmas Present
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A Christmas present arrived early over the weekend. Normally we would leave the gifts till Christmas day to open. However the sweet aroma from the turquoise coloured box proved too hard to resist.

What is in the box?
It was Santa's Cottage ($59.90) that greeted us when we opened the box. A chocolate sponge and truffle cream cake on a bed of fresh snowy cream, the cake comes complete with Santa and his reindeers making one his Christmas delivery.
Prima Deli Santa's Cottege
The Christmas Log cake is a must for Christmas Gathering. The Log Cake symbolizes the coming of Winter. Today it is associated as a customary Christmas Dessert.
Who is the Reindeers pulling?
The Santa's Cottage features the iconic Santa Clause and his reindeers.
Santa , of course!
and a snowman greeting Santa at the door.
Snow man and coloured pavement
Don't forget the Christmas Tree.
Christmas Tree
The Santa's Cottage is appealing to the kids. We could not simply wipe the gleeful smile on our face when we saw it. The Santa's Cottage weighs about 1.2 kg and we reckon it should serve a party of 15 or more.
All smiles
Taste wise, we love the Chocolate textured sponge cake. It does not taste too sweet and is suited to the palate of a child.
Leave the Chocolate fences for the children. They would love it!
Chocolate Fence
It was all smiles after we had our fill.
All Smiles
Prima Deli Christmas collection is now at all Prima Deli outlets.
Prima Deli Christmas Collection
There are a wide variety of selections ranging from the Winter Wonderland ($45.90) , a cherry blackforest cake to traditional style log cakes. Gingerbread Boy and Girl Cookies are available too at $2.50 per piece.The full range can be found here

Early bird Specials
25% off for orders from 21st Nov to 12th Dec ( Log cakes above 1 kg &Santa's Cottage )10% off for selected orders from 13th Dec to 25 Dec.

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