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Children Playground @ Gardens by the Bay

FEO children's playground
We are going to tell you a secret... There is a new playground in town. It is one of the largest we have been to date, comprising of 5 different stations catering to children from age 1-12. Best of all, it is free!!!

Come step into the world of adventure, water play and a magnificent treehouse right in the heart of the island at Gardens by the Bay. This $10 million , 1 hectare children' playground by Far East Organization ( FEO) is located between the Cloud Forest and Satay Club.

1 Adventure Trail

Adventure Trail
Our discovery started with the adventure trail. This play area is targeted at children age 6-12. Loaded with mini obstacles, it promise to expose the child to different exciting outdoor challenges.

Entry to adventure
The entrance to the Adventure trail is near the entry to the FEO children's playground. We recommend to do the dry activities before the water play. Give the weather in Singapore, it would be pure bliss to cool off after a workout round the dry play area.

Balancing bridge
The Adventure trail is more suited for older kids (6-12) given it's numerous obstacle courses such as balancing bridge, monkey bars, balancing beams and more.

Balancing bridge
It does not faze Little Lou one bit as he takes on each challenge with unbridled energy.

Pull up station
One of our favourite spot will be the Giant Spiderweb located on a mild slope.

This allows us to make our way up with skills imparted from Spider-Man. This new concept is both challenging and amusing as we work our way up.

Manovering the Spiderweb
It was not too difficult to pull us out of the web, especially when we saw a series of slides next to it.

Open and enclosed slides
There are 2 variant slides , one open and the other enclosed. It wasn't long when Big C decided to give them a spin. The slides are made of metal so it may get a tad hot during sunny days.

Here I come!
Little Lou was slightly disappointed as these slides are meant for kids age 6 and above.

I can't slide
That is where Daddy came in to save the day by doing a tandem slide with Little Lo .

Let's slide!
Although it was hot and sunny, the adventure area is sufficiently shaded, so you do not feel the heat. Nevertheless, it may be better to explore the area in the early morning or late afternoons to avoid the blazing Sun.We love the lush fauna settings, this is one trail that is close to nature, making one liberated from the concrete jungle that we are so used to.

Balancing act
2 The Tree House

The Tree house
Our next stop would be the treehouse. 2 tree houses at 4 metres and 7.5 metres tall are located within the dense rainforest tress. Linked by timber and rope bridges , it spans across 130 metres round the play area.

Rocking bridge
Walked past the rocking bridge to the main treehouse. This area has a variety of play equipment to entice the little ones. This is potentially a favourite for those little monkeys rope climbers. If you need a break, just lie down on one of the swing at the treehouse,

Lots of ropes!
There are 2 mega slides located in the treehouse. A sure hit with the adventurous kids. We reckon these slides could complete with the slide@T3.

Tree house slides.
Be warn, the area is more suited for older kids age 6-12. There are some potentially dangerous blind spots to look out for. The fireman slide could be a potential hazard given its open strucuture. A careless (small) child could easily miss it and fall into it. Likewise for the numerous captive pods found in the treehouse. So do supervise your child while playing in the area.

Fireman slide.
3 Toddler Play

Toddler play
For the younger ones, we think the toddler play ( for age 1-5) would be a safer bet. Located next to the Water play area, it has balancing beams, see-saws, slides and swings.

Toddler play area
4 Water Play

Water play area
It was not long before we decided to venture to the Water play area. This area is recommended for children age 6-12. The centerpiece of the children playground, it features hydro vaults, splash leaves and splines. The ever changing water direction is determine by sensors detecting movement of the children. The flooring are also well padded, so it is quite safe for children to roam about the water play area.

Water Play at Gardens by the Bay
This creates an interactive landscape of water effects. Just check out the video of us at the Water Playground.

Enjoying the outdoor.
There are changing rooms avaliable at the Children's Garden. Lockers and water coolers are avaliable too. Do note the shower area is an open shower meant for kids. Adults may participate in the fun, but during our play, we were mostly left to our own devices. This is a children's playground after all.
For adults , there are more than sufficient seating places available including a 320 seater covers Amphitheater next to the Water play area. We recommend the older folks to sit back and enjoy the soulful music piped in the background .

Wimbaway, Wimoweh, the lion sleeps tonight...

5 Fish Fountain

Fish Fountian
If you have younger kids and want to watch over them, do park them at the Fish Fountain. The area is smallish enough to keep a close eye on the toddlers, while letting them roam about play area.

Fish Fountain for kids
The water spouting from the fishes mouth guarantees a splashing good time at every turn.

Splashing good times
Just check out the delight written all over Little Lou's face. It was a great workout for us as we spend a good 2 hours exporing the children's playground.

Loving it!
The FEO Children's Playground will be open in the first quarter of 2014. From what we saw, there would probably be food and beverages outlets opening within the vicinity.

Fish Fountian @ Gardens by the Bay
We think this is a great addition to Gardens by the Bay. Together with the Flower Dome,Cloud Forest, OCBC skyway and the open gardens , this new kid on the block will complete the puzzle. This will make Gardens by the Bay one of the hotspots for families with its numerous attractions and activities.

So get your wet suits ready. Come 2014, kids will have another spot to get wacky!
Ps - The children playgrpund opens on 21st Jan 2013 .
Don't forget the flowers!
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  1. Hi Do you know who is the playground designer for this playground?

    1. Unfortunately we don't. However GBTB was designed by Grant associates and Gustafson Porter - British designers.

  2. I would love to bring my kids there! But is it open yet? Thinking of bringing them on 1st jan 2014.

    1. Don't think it is open yet. Have to wait for the official announcement. How about a visit to West Coast Park. We heard that the playgrounds there are great too!

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