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Choosing a School Bag For Primary One

In about a month's time, Big C be embarking on his Primary One journey. One of the main changes in Primary one would be that he would need a bag to carry his school books. Compared to Kindergarten where he does not bring bag to school, this will be major change in his way of life.

From zero to a packed bag that probably weighs 3-5 kg, the possibility of Big C hurting his young spine is real. Given that this would be a daily routine in his primary school days, we are determine that he gets a bag that is suitable for his age.

Not all bags are built equal. Base on our research , we should look for ergonomic bags that is purposely build to suit the size of young kids. An ergonomic bags also comes with a higher price tag. Some bags are price upwards of Sgd 200. We wanted a good bag, but we do have a budget in mind. As such we settled on Impact bags found at Ergoworks, Marina Square.
Impact school bags
The Impact brand is the ONLY ergonomic brand medically endorsed by The Chiropractic Association & Singapore Physiotherapy Association. This gives parents like us a peace of mind on the quality of the bags produced.

Big C was quite excited by what he saw, as a result he literally got attached to it.

There is a wide selection of bags with different designs and functions for different age groups at the store. We picked three designs that are best suited for his height (118cm). Naturally these bags are smaller in size than the standard bags. As Big C prefers his bag to be blue, we took the blue options for the different bags we short listed.
The short list
First up is the grey and blue bag Model IPEG-087. (sgd 79.90).
The bag comes with an Active Backcare Systems(ABS) . It comes with 2 separate compartments for files and books. There are 2 side pockets for water bottle and knock knacks. It weighs in at 700g. Well padded , it fits Big C body shape. Overall the bag is of the right size. However we decided to test a few more before making up our mind.
Active Backcare System
During the testing phase. We learn a few pointers from the staff while choosing a bag. We think these are great tips to share with you.
  • While wearing a bag, the top edge of the school bag is to be in line with the shoulder.
  • The school bag should not be significantly wider than the shoulders for a proper fit
  • The bottom edge of the school bag should rest on the hip bones
  • It is always good to adjust the shoulder straps when taking up and removing a bag
  • A cushioned , ergonomically shaped bag is good for a child
  • The weight of the bag and content ideally be not more than 15% of the child weigh
Impact bags
The next bag we tested is the model IPEG 091 (Sgd119).

This bag is more structured than the earlier bag. It comes with an Orthopaedic Spinal Protection Systems. This is the top line ergonomics system from Impact.
Orthopaedic Spinal Protection System

It weighs more than the first model, but the Orthopedic Spinal Protection System is specially designed for younger child. Thus it is able to distribute weight evenly , so use will not will the 'heavy' load. The boxy appearance does make it look bulky on Big C.
Ergo-Comfort Spinal Protection backpacks
The last bag that we tested is the larger version of the first one. This is the model IPEG 84 (Sgd 79.90)This models weighs in at 900g and is measured at 43.5 cm x 29.5cm x 18.5cm.
Impact IPEG 84
In terms of the compartments space, it is similar to the first design. Big C likes darker blue and black combination as he feels it is more sleek and grown up. As seen above, it is a perfect fit with the top in line with the shoulders and the bottom sitting nicely at the hips.
The compartments
Given that it is slightly larger, we decided to pick this bag. After all kids do grow fast nowadays and before you know it, a smaller bag would not fit them in a couple of months.
Other features of the bag includes
  • USA 3M scotch lite reflective materials for better visibility at night.
  • EZ parachute rings to provide quick and easy adjustment of shoulder belts.
  • Detachable waist belt to stabilize and distribute the weight of the bag.
  • Internal belt to hold heavier books for weight distribution
  • Mesh Pockets on both sides ( to hold water bottle/rain coat/wet shirt)
Big C bag
With a fully packed bag, this bag and the contents weights in at 3.5kg . Big C weighs in at 25kg, so this comes in within the recommend weight limit.
Impact for girls
Impact brand is unisex and there are colours for girls in store. There are ongoing promotions such as trade in a used Impact bag for 20% discount or  15% discount for Passion Card, Cordlife and SAFRA Card.
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Ergoworks is located at various locations such as Centrepoint, Marina Square and Causeway point. We visited the Marina Square branch during our bag hunting. The bag selection is extensive for all various ages, thus it is a good one stop shop for school bags and a wide variety of ergonomic furniture.

For those who are embarking on the search for a school bag... Good luck!

ERGOWORKS Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard #03-337
Opening Hours 11am to 9pm


  1. Nice collection of school bags for kids. i liked them. What about Disney school bags for kids? In Disney Store we get varieties of school bags for kids of various Disney characters.

  2. The bags look sooooo huge - on him too! Nobody specialises in smaller sized and extra lightweight ergo bags, sadly.

    1. Yeah , we would love to have a smaller size , but given the numbers of books he had to bring to school , the size is about right . Just hope he will grow taller so it fits better :)


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