Pitstop : Waterways@Punggol [Kid's Friendly Restaurant]

Pitstop : Waterways Punggol
" Daddy we want to go McDonald's playground , can???"

" Let's try something different today, but I promise got playground ok?"

After hearing about Waterways@Punggol and itching to explore a new place, Daddy decided we sould venture up north to Punngol.

Getting there was a challenge, our outdated GPS bought us as far as Punggol mall, we had to rely on instinct to get us to Tebing lane off Punggol East road.

When we reached the destination, it was already pitch dark. There was a park next to the restaurants. However it was poorly lit and the idea of playing in the playground was put on the backfoot. Needless to say we were not pleased and demanded that we head back to McDonald's Kallang.

This place is huge
However by some stroke of luck, we chanced upon the Pitstop. It is a resturant catering to bikers and serving mainly Malay and Indian fare. Best of all, it comes with a kids play area!

The play area probably measured less than 5 by 5 metres, the toys were limited, but it kept us contented during mealtime. With our playground lust fulfilled, our parents can concentrate on ordering dinner.

Pit stop menu
The menu consist of mainly Malay and Indian fare. There are some western selection as well. Price wise, it is considered affordable with most dishes coming under $10.

My first Milo Dinosaur
Daddy ordered Milo Dinosaur for me. It was my first Milo Dino.

Chicken pizza Prata
We ordered dishes such as Chicken Pizza Prata ($6)

Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng ($5)

Kway Teow
Kway Teow ($6)

Ayam Nasi Goreng
And Ayam Nasi Goreng($6)My favourite would be the Nasi Goreng while Little Lou prefer the Prata. Overall food quality is acceptable for its price.

Prata fan
Other than the playground, the place also has a small chill out area for those who intend to catch some epl action.

Mini Cafe
There is also an outdoor area with bicycle bay. You can see from the number of bikes that this place is popular among bikers.

Biker haven
At the end of the day, the bill came in below $40 for 5 people. With the playground thrown in as a complimentary facility, this will make Pitstop a kid friendly destination.

The bill
If Prata is not your cup of tea, there are an additional 4 restaurants located at Waterways@Punggol.

Frienzie Bar & Bristol
Frenzied Bar & Bristol - serves western fare

Popeye's - Fried chicken served Cajun style.

Ah Dong Teh House
Ah Dong Teh House- Local and Hong Kong cuisines

Uncle Leong Seafood
Uncle Leong Seafood- Traditional Seafood and crab dishes.

Hai Bin pawning
Other than the food, there are also recreational facilities like Hai Bin, which provides pawning and fishing facilities, a huge pool and billards hall and futsal facilities.
The park next to all these are also worth a visit, but do so when there is light as it was pretty dark by the time we reached Waterways@Punggol.

Would we return again?

Perhaps for the park at the next visit!

Pool tables
10 Tebing Lane ,Singapore 828836


thedeadcockroach said...

Wished we had something like that in western Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, you should visit pitstop now after their renovation. Menu has been changed. More varieties. AND INDOOR PLAYGROUND with charges, of course. Overall, much better than previous.