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From Singapore to Batam : Ferries options

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
By now you might have read about our reviews about Montigo Resorts Villas and facilities. Now we shall explore the ferry options to Montigo Resorts.

Montigo Resorts counter
For ferries to Batam, it will be via the Tanah Merah Termnial. There are several drop off points at Batam such Sekupang , Harbour Bay , Batam Center and Nongsa Pura. For travel to Montigo , we suggest taking a ferry directly to Nongsa as it is only a mere 10 minutes drive to the resort.
Before we head off to the ferries, we had a quick bite at Killiney. For bites, we suggest the ever popular toast and egg. The noodles look a tad dry for our liking.
Toast and egg
We had specially arrange a private hatch transfer to Montigo via Aqua Voyage. It was meant to be a special treat given the occasion.

Aqua Voyage
However minutes before boarding, we learn our ship had broken down

At that point of time , we have already checked into the terminal. There was little activities you could do within the terminal and it is hard to contain 2 wacky and listless boys within an enclosed space.

At the terminal
Emerald lounge

Emerald lounge
Luckily for us, Aqua Voyage place us at the Emerald Lounge during the wait.

Free magazines
The Emerald lounge entrance is chargeable. It does come with amenities such as coffee makers, computers , tv and washrooms while you wait.

Coffee or tea?
There is a comfortable lounge area for passengers while they wait for the ferries.

Emerald lounge Tanah Merah
However the bonus for us would be the smallish playground outside the lounge.

Playground @ Emerald Lounge
For love birds, you may want to consider taking a seat outside and enjoy the sea breeze.

Enjoy the breeze
The royal treatment continues with a private buggy ride to your cruise.

It was raining cats and dogs when we reach our private yatch. This somewhat mars the experience of a luxury criuise.

Aqua Voyage

Our private yatch
Depending on the number of guests, you migh need to 'share' the yatch with others.

Aqua Voyage
Nonetheless it was an experience for us as Big C even got the chance to pilot the yacht. Upon entry to Bintan, the private yatch will stop at a private dock and the immigration would be taken care of by the staff.

Wah.. This treatment made us feel like Superstar!

Captain C
On our return trip, our yatch had not been repaired. Instead, we were place on the Wavemaster back to Singapore.

The Wavemaster counter is located at Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, a mere 10 minutes away from the resort.

Bye Batam
To be honest, the ride was smooth sailing on the way back. It may not be as luxurious as the Private Yatch option, but for a quick 30 minutes ride, you probably not feel the difference. If we were to be back in Batam, this is probably the preferred mod of transport we will choose.
The other option you can consider is Batamfast if you are heading towards Nongsapura.
Have a safe trip to Batam!


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