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Ho2T Playland @ Katong V Review

Ho2T Playground
Hot Hot Hot!

What do you do on a lazy Hot Sunday afternoon?

If you are a wackie, you would know that staying at home is not an option. We were yearning for something to do, especially since both of us had a tough week in school adjusting from full time play to endless studies.

Robot / Human
Since our parents had decided to do some groceries shopping in the newly refurbished Katong V, we decided to tag along especially when we found out there is a new playground in the premises.
Ho2T Playland is the latest addition to the landscape of Singapore Indoor playgrounds in the east.
Officially opened in Nov 2013, it vies for a spot in the competitive indoor playground arena. Not that we are complaining, we always welcome a new place to play!
The highlight of the playground would be the 2 storey indoor play area. Here you have a choice to take either the robot or the human route up to explore.
We decided on the robot option as it sounds more challenging,
My name is Wacky
There are buzzers along the route. Apparently you can challenge each other via the human vs robot route around the playground , to see who is the fastest to complete the challenges.
Press me
That is if you do not get distracted by the ball pits and guns.
Shooting range
If you are up to it, there is a trampoline on site to keep you jumping.
Or opt to take a swing at the fish swing.
Fish swing
There are slides too, but they are much shorter and gentler. Save enough for tots from age 2.
As usual slides and Wackies are a match made in heaven. It's a pity the slides were not as wild as most of the other playgrounds we tried.
My turn
The indoor playground is about the size of 3 shops. It is not very big but it is well padded to ensure your child having a safe time exploring the grounds.
For those with younger tots, there is a playroom by the side filled with toys for them to explore.
Toys room
Needless to say Little Lou made himself comfortable in the toy room after a few rounds around the playground .
There is another area win lesser toys that is less popular. Judging from the looks of it, this is probably where Ho2T host activities for kids.
Another playground
There are Legos and other construction tools and toys for kids to explore.
Tools for kids
After play. You could always pick up a toy or 2 located near the entrance.
Toys for sale
For parents, you can choose to wait for your child in the parent relax corner.
Retail and parent relax corner.
We think this room could probably double up as a birthday room if you are looking for a new place to host birthday parties
Party room
Drinks are available for the parents and child to enjoy a cuppa. We do not see any food options on the menu on that day,
The charges are a little on the high side for a new smallish playground. We took the 2 hours weekend option that cost $30 a pop. It was expensive compared to similar and bigger playgrounds we had visited in the past.
Rates are stated obtained from Ho2T website. We think the membership option makes more sense especially if you intend to visit only on weekends. Membership can be shared amongst siblings as stated by their staff.
Robot vs human
The playground is touted for ages 2 to 12. However judging from its limited space and the easy obstacle course. A child age 9 and above would probably find it a little restricted.
For the younger ones, do keep an eye on them as the bigger kids can ran over them given the setup. There are no proper space allocated to younger children age 5 and below.

  • Well padded playground - best for age 3-8
  • Other play options available
  • Opens till late (10 pm on weekends)
  • Smallish area, may not be suitable for older kids
  • Pricey compared to bigger playgrounds with more facilities for a single visit

Ho2T playground
Katong V
Singapore 428751
Weekdays 10am to 8pm
Weekends 10am to 10pm *
* subject to changes, refer to Ho2T for more info.

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