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Montigo Resorts Batam Seafront Villa : Pure Bliss

Montigo Resort Batam
Another day in Paradise. 

Back in November, we had a triple celebration in the family. A trilogy of birthdays and a decade-long wedding anniversary. With these special occasions on the horizon, we decided to set sail across the straits of Singapore into a bit of paradise called Montigo Resort at Batam.

Montigo Resort Batam
Batam was never a choice destination for a romantic family getaway (Yeah, you heard us right - a romantic family escapade). Instead, when one mentioned Batam, one would think of spawning golf courses, cheap eats and a place for the infamous 'Singapore Uncles'.

For a beach escapade, Bintan would have been a more popular choice. However, when we learnt about Montigo Resort, with its massive 3-story residence and in-house plunge pool, we were sold on the idea of a trip to this new destination.
Getting there was a misfire. We had some issues on the private yacht (Aqua Voyager) arranged with the resort and will dwell on that later. In the meantime, this post will be dedicated to the Superb 3000 square feet 2 bedroom Seafront Villa we called home for 2 nights.

The journey to the resort is only about 1 hour, comprising a 40 min boat ride and a 10 minutes car ride.

1st Floor
The First floor comprises a few areas, there is the Living room cum kitchen counter, the guest toilet, the storage room and the private plunge pool.

The Living Room

Living Room
Upon the entrance, you will be greeted with a decent size living room with 2 individual armchairs and 2 pairs of sofa lounges.

Tv Console
The TV console is on one side of the wall, and an entertainment console housing a Wii and a sound system.

The Kitchen
The Kitchen has a microwave oven, induction cookers, a washing basin and a bar fridge. Cooking is possible, but we suggest you bring your own food as a trip to the nearest shopping centre is a good one hour plus for a roundabout journey.
Otherwise, pack some microwavable food like pizza for a snack if needed.

Wii Mariokart
As mentioned earlier, there is a Wii machine. However, it comes only with a Mario Kart game. Not exactly the most entertaining or accessible game; we gave up on it after 30 minutes. They could consider changing it to Xbox, which is a more popular option.

There is also a DVD player; you can borrow DVDs from the front desk.

Sound System
The Bang and Olufsen sound system is compatible with the older iPod Nanos and iPhones. Unfortunately, it does not come with Bluetooth, so those with iPhone 5 or android phones will be out of luck.

Drinks on the house
Our room option includes snacks, complimentary mineral water, and refilled soft drinks daily. In addition, as part of the server members, we were also given a bottle of Red Wine.

Being told that we were there to celebrate our triple milestones, we were pleasantly surprised to see a mini cake prepared for these occasions.
Nice touch, Montigo.

Lastly, a toilet/shower area completes the first floor's layout.
We were all smiles just by exploring the first Floor.

1st Floor Toilet
Having read previous reviews that the villas were not clean, we are glad to report that it was as clean as possible. However, the thing that bugs us is the presence of centipedes around the villa. During our stay, we encountered about 4 of them, each measuring 5 cm long. So for those with little kids, be cautious about them as their bites are poisonous.
A buggy issue

The Indoor Plunge Pool

The best spot for the 1st Floor is actually outdoors. It is the indoor plunge pool that comes with all villas.

Indoor Plunge pool
It comes with a dining table by the side. Without a doubt, this is our favourite hangout. During our 3 day stay, we would have visited the pool at least 5 times.

Our first instinct when we saw the pool was to jump right in.

Fear was obviously not in our vocabulary, even though the pool was about 0.8m deep.

A splashing good time is an understatement of how we felt at Montigo resort.

Another plus for the pool is seeing Singapore from the plunge pool. It is indeed heartening to visit our home from afar. It makes us feel homely seeing the familiar buildings from afar. If we strike the lottery one day, we could consider making one of the villas our weekend home.
A home away from home. Wow.

After about 1000 jumps into the pool, our little stomachs are groaning. Thank goodness that the villa comes with in-villa dining at a reasonable price.

2nd Floor

Steps to pure bliss
It is time to pry away from the pleasures of the 1st Floor into the sanctuary of the 2nd.

Retractable blinds
The stairwell comes with retractable blinds on the side of the wall. It may look well exposed, but we suggest it be drawn for privacy and insect deterrent.

After the short corridor lies the Master bedroom and the 2nd bedroom.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom
The Master bedroom comes with a poster bed that faces the open window. In addition, there is a sofa bed by the side.

There is also a writing desk and cupboards in the room. The best part of the room will be the window view. It feels like Paradise when you awake every morning with the ocean staring back at you. If you are booking a hillside villa, your opinion may be blocked by the estates closer to the sea.

The View
Another wow was the attached toilet. It was so big you could fit a king-size bed in there if you wanted to.

It has a bathtub, a separate bath and toilet facility, dual wash basin. It was brightly lit throughout the day due to its skylight in the toilet.
Simple and beautiful.

The Master Toilet
Guest Room

Guest Room
The Guest room comes with 2 single-size beds and an attached toilet. Given its configurations, this villa could sleep 5 adults or even 4 adults and 2 small children. However, do note the estate is only permitted up to 5 per room regardless of the permutations.

There are chatters on the internet that could house more than that. We agree, but if each villa exceeds the allocated guidelines, it will diminish its positioning as a premier luxury getaway. The last thing it should do is to market it as a chalet for mass gatherings as it may 'strip' the serenity of the resort.

Guest Toilet
Each bathroom has Malin and Gotez amenities adding a classy touch to the villa.

Malin + Gotez
Another thing that struck us is the artwork present in the villa. These little touches add to the 'scharmestate, giving it a homely feel.

3rd Floor

Our tour ends on the 3rd Floor. Hints of Ibiza greeted us on the rooftop.

This is a place that would be perfect for a chill-out party. It would also be a good place for kids to hang out and run about. You could quickly skate 2 scooters on its premises just for kicks.
The view is not spectacular but it holds its own, especially during high tide.

In the evening, the party atmosphere on the rooftop is inviting and alluring. However, it gets a little windy and chilly while you are up there.

With that, we come to the end of the tour on Montigo Resort Seafront Villa. It was indeed a leisurely 3 days 2 nights spent at the Montego. We stayed in the resort most of the time, and this was by far the most relaxing holiday we had had for a while. Our package and meals cost under $1000 for 3 days. It is similar to what you would spend on a trip to Bintan. But, by comparison, this beats the resorts we had stayed at in Bintan... even the famed Banyan Tree!
For us, this trip is worth every penny and is pure bliss for everyone.

Sunset over Montigo
Remember to enjoy the beautiful sunset from the living room.

We will be checking out the facilities in an upcoming post. Do join us as we bring you around Montigo to glimpse their facilities.

Another day in Paradise... Indeed.

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  1. Hi may I know which website u book ure stay at montigo? Considering 3 days 2 nights cost you $1000, is quite cheap.

    1. Got it directly from their website . It's a special promo for early birds and we took weekdays for it. Hope it helps !

    2. It's Really interesting weekend proposition for anyone who wants to have a break from the hectic city life. As per my experience this is best accommodation.


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