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Chinese New Year (CNY) activities for Families 2014

Gallop into the new year with a herd of activities for Chinese New Year (CNY) in Singapore. This is the essential list of the top CNY activities in Singapore.

We have been to most of the events last year. Do check out the previous year's reviews... straight from the horse's mouth!

Hold your horses as we get you up and running for the Year of the Horse!

No more horsing around... Sorry we could not resist , all horse puns ARE intentional.

China Town Chinese New Year Celebrations
10th -28th Feb
Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations
Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014 - Festive Street Bazaar
10 January 2014 - 30 January 2014

Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014 - Official Light-Up and Opening Ceremony
11 January 2014

Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014 - Nightly Stage Shows
11 January 2014 - 30 January 2014

Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014 - Street Light-Up
11 January 2014 - 28 February 2014

Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014 - 7th International Lion Dance Competition
18 January 2014 - 19 January 2014

Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014 - Mass Reunion Dinner
26 January 2014

Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014 - Countdown Party
30 January 2014

Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014 - Yuan Xiao Party
9 February 2014

Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014 - Chinatown Walking Trail
12, 18, 19, 25, and 26 January 2014

Chinatown comes alive every Chinese New Year with a host of activities that is sure to whet the appetite of families both young and old. From the traditional festive street bazaar for CNY goodies to the resounding beat of the Lion Dance Competition, this place is a one stop shop to indulge in the festivities.
We never fail to take a walkabout in Chinatown during CNY.
Chinatown 2013

The Chinatown Celebrations starts on 11th Jan.
Official Website : Chinatown Festivals

Chingay 2014 布海同心
7th -8th Feb 2014
F1 Pit Building
Chingay 2014
Join Singaporeans and visitors alike, at Chingay Parade Singapore 2014, themed Colours of Fabric, One People, 布海同心where age, race, language and creed are no barriers. Let's celebrate together as ONE!
Chingay 2013
From Experience, a live viewing of the parade beats watching it on TV anytime. Do make sure you get your tickets early to witness this spectacular event.

River Hong Bao 2014
Jan 29 to Feb 8th
The Float @ Marina Bay

This year, the River Hong Bao will be extended to 11 days , featuring the most lantern displays in its 28 year history. Highlights of the carnival include performances by the highly acclaimed Yunnan Opera Theatre and a handicraft street featuring jewelry, ethnic costumes and cultural products from China's Yunnan province. At the Food Street, visitors can try Yunnan delicacies such as the famous over-the-bridge noodles, Pu'er tea flavoured drumsticks and baked tea quail eggs

River Hong Boa 2013

Be amazed at the Gigantic lantern displays which coincidentally numbered 28 for this 28th year edition of River Hong Bao. See our 2013 report on River Hong Bao.

Bonus Item : CNY Fireworks 2014
29th Jan 8 pm, 30th Jan Midnight

Huayi 2014
5-16th Feb
Huayi 2014
Huayi showcases the works of outstanding Chinese artists of all genres, be they traditional or contemporary, mainstream or cutting-edge, by providing them with a platform on which they can present their works to international audiences in Singapore.

Huayi has grown into one of the most warmly embraced arts festivals in Singapore and is a significant part of the Singapore’s Chinese New Year festivities. Spread over two weekends, Huayi inspires and touches audiences through a diverse showcase of ticketed and non-ticketed programmes across various art forms including theatre, dance, music, visual arts and more.

Huayi 2013
We were mesmerized by the free performance by Zingo last year. Looking forward to the new programs this year!

Senotsa Celebrates Lunar New Year
31st Jan-2nd Feb
Merlion Plaza to Beach Station

Celebrate Chinese heritage and culture with renowned performing troupes from China. Zhengzhou Star Acrobatics Troupe Troupe (郑州星光杂技团) will be performing a heart-thumping routine, the ‘Flying Ropes’, where performers will swing swiftly and gracefully on ropes in midair. Another highlight of the festival is the adorable and furry northern lion family of four, dancing to the rhythm of the drum by the Baoding Flowers Lion Dance Team (河北保定容城百花舞狮艺术团).

Other activities includes the energetic LED dragon dance, amazing floral displays for a memorable photo moment with your loved ones, spread the joy of spring by hanging your well-wishes for the year on cherry blossom trees and more.
Gardens by the Bay
Spring Surprise
17th -19th Jan

Various Activities at Gardens By the Bay celebrating the coming of the New Year
 Year of the Horse Floral Display
 17th-16th Feb
Flower Dome
Dragon and Lion Dance
18th and 19th Jan 5-6pm Golden Garden to Supertree Grove

Singapore Chinese Orchestra
18th Jan 6-7pm Supertree Groove

Chinese Theatre Circle
19th Jan 6-7pm Supertree Groove

Movie Screening : Reunion Dinner and Ilo Ilo
17th Jan 8-945pm Supertree Groove

RWS "Huat Ah" Celebrations
Soak in the festive atmosphere at Singapore’s first integrated resort. RWS stays open throughout the Lunar New Year, as it transforms into a magical destination with 3,888 custom-made lanterns light up the resort in full festive glory. Auspicious decorations will adorn the resort blessing guests with success in the Year of the Horse. These include 8 lantern horses galloping along FestiveWalk and 8 lantern seahorses outside the Maritime Experiential Museum

Universal Studios Singapore

Meet and Greet Festive Style
From15th Jan 10am-7pm

From 15 January onwards, come ‘bai nian’ with Woody and Winnie Woodpecker and your favourite Sesame Street friends at Universal Studios Singapore. For the first time, Cookie Monster, Oscar, Grover and Abby Caddaby will be joining Elmo in festive outfits, as they greet guests with well wishes in the Year of the Horse.
A Sea of Celebrations at S.E.A. Aquarium
31st Jan to 9 Feb 2014 9am- 9pm

Gallop into the Year of the Horse at the world’s largest aquarium, where an abundance of fun and surprises await. Come usher in good tidings with beautiful seahorses and sea dragons. From 24 January 2014 to 14 February 2014, guests can enjoy the sweet tunes of Chinese-fusion chamber music and be surprised by very special underwater festive greetings from the divers at the Open Ocean Habitat.

Don’t miss out on performances such as street magic, stilt walkers, acrobatics, as well as fun activities for the kids. Magnificent lantern seahorses will also greet guests as they visit the S.E.A. Aquarium this Lunar New Year.
Lo Hei at Universal Studios Singapore®
Date: 30 Jan 2014, 6 Feb 2014
Time: 7.30pm

Take your reunion dinner out to a unique setting – in a theme park! Feng Shui Inn’s Chef Li Kwok Kwong and Forest森’s Chef Sam Leong and Mike Tan have teamed up to create a 9-course menu for this special reunion dinner.

After dinner, guests can enjoy exclusive meet & greets with Woody and Winnie Woodpecker, as well as enjoy Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg, TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle and Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase. Families can choose to dine along New York Street or at Hollywood China Bistro depending on group size.

 For more Details Refer to RWS Website

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