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What does Family mean to you?

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What does family mean to you?

To me, family is a unit where we are bonded by relationships. With family, you know that you always have someone there to count on regardless of the situation.

More importantly, it is where you can give and receive unconditional love. There is nothing more beautiful than to have your loved ones by your side at the end of each day. Seeing the smiles on the children that greet you especially at the end of a tough day is priceless in my book.

I believe that ” A Wedding is an event, a marriage is the journey, parenthood is a blessing and family is the reward.”

What are some of the things that you value most about your family?

The first is the unconditional love we show each other. It could be the love between spouses, siblings or parents and children. Regardless, we know that we have each other’s back. In a way, this keeps the family bonds strong in good and bad times.

The many precious moments that I share with my family, brings a glow to my heart. It could be witnessing a child’s first step or hearing them calling me Dad for the first time. All these moments no matter how big and small are made into beautiful memories that I carry for a lifetime.

How do you as a dad, express your leadership role in the context of family?
For a Dad, the traditional role is to provide for the family. However in today’s context such a role has diminished with the change in society’s mindset. In our family, we do not define leadership, instead we believe in shared responsibility between parents with regards to raising our children. Decision-making is made in together in unison.

As a Dad I lead by positive example and not by ‘imposing’ leadership per se. Everyone is a leader in the family, including the children, who are involved in the process of decision-making.
The key is to share and grow as a family.

So what does family mean to you? Leave us a comment and share your experiences.

Post first appeared on Dads for Life Toolbox on 1st January

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