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2Degree Ice Art - Chills and Trills!

2 degrees Ice Art
Media Invite

 Fancy taking a journey around the world while chilling out in Sunny Singapore?

Impossible, you say...

With 2 Degree Ice Art,  impossible is now a reality. Step inside while we bring you landmarks around the world in ICE!
Don't shy, come come.
Landmarks of Singapore
When you first step into this icy world, you will be greeted by the icons of Singapore. The ice sculptures such as the Merlion, Sir Stamford Raffles, Singapore Flyer would greet you at the entrance.

Sire Stamford Raffles
2 Degree Ice Art has an impressive 30 plus ice landmarks housed in a temperature of -15 degree to create a unique winter wonderland for this exhibition. The ice sculptures are bathe in neon LEDs giving the beautiful artworks a warm glow.
Singapore flyer
We were impressed with the quality of ice sculptures on display. You could almost instantly recognized the landmarks displayed. Don't worry about the floor as they are mostly carpeted . So it is pretty decent for a young tot to roam about the ice sculptures.

Even if you are there for a short while, do not forget to cover up . Trust us, you need to, especially when you experience a sudden drop of temperature from 30 + to -15 degree!
Landmarks of Asia

Do you know that there are 20 prominent ice craving masters specially invited from the ice sculpture Mecca Harbin , China to create this 3 Million Dollars winter wonderland?

Asian theme sculptures such as Four face Buddha can be found within this exhibit.
Nine dragon wall
One of the more impressive sections would be the Chinese theme ice section including the magnificent Nine Dragon Wall craved and bath in orange coloured ice.

A wow by any standards.
Four Face Buddha

Global Landmarks
Effiel tower
Next is a quick trip around the world. Eiffel Tower, Pyramids of Egypt and Big Ben are among the recognizable landmarks created for this icy exhibition.
With the temperature dropping to -15 degree, it will be an interesting event for those who want to experience a taste of winter wonderland. For those who have yet to experience a winter holiday, this would be a perfect opportunity to experience the chilly winter season.

Big Ben

Karlskirche - Vienna
For the young ones as well as the young at hearts, there is a section dedicated to Dinosaurs on site to bring you back to the period before the ice age.

Ice Slides
Ice slides
The dinosaurs are not the only things that would charm the young ones. The enchanted children playground found in a castle-like sculpture proved to be a hit among the boys.
Ice slides
There are 2 ice slides on the sides. Even though they are made of ice, they are not as slippery as one would think. Nonetheless it did not stop the Wackies from making their tenth trip down EACH slides!

No fear
The children playground also has a snow play area. There are snow machines that would create snow within the exhibition. It was not in operation when we visited, but that did not stop us from having our first snow fight !
Snow fight
The highlight of the event would be the snow tire ride. This ride is similar to the one at Snow City but at a more child friendly height.

Tandem snow tire
For little kids who are not confident of going down the ride on their own, they can always call their Daddy to tandem with them.
Tandem rides
And this is exactly what we did. It was all smiles at the end of the rides.
Tips for enjoying ICE ART

We stayed for about an hour in the exhibit. It is not wise to stay too long especially with kids and older folks due to the temperature. Even though it was hard to pry the kids away from the awesome slides, the freezing temperature was something they could not handle after a while. With this little experience, we think these tips are handy for a trip down the Winter Wonderland.

  • Tip 1 : Winter jackets are a must!
Winter jackets
Bring your own winter jackets. If you do not have jackets, if could be rented for a fee of $5. Gloves will be provided free at the event.

We do recommend jackets with hoods as it could get very cold within. In addition, windbreakers would not be suitable here. You would probably not last for 10 minutes especially if you are with kids.
  • Tip 2 : Keep your clothes on!
Keep your clothes on!
Beware of frost bites. This can happen if you are exposed to temperature below 0 degree for a long time.

Bottom line- do not be a hero. Keep ALL your clothes on!

Tip 3 : Warm food is served near the exit
Warm food
For those looking for a hot bite or a hot drink , food and drinks are available at the exit. There are stores selling souvenirs as well. Do note that not all food stalls are open every time.

A warm bite is welcoming especially when the nearest food option is quite a distant away.

Tip 4 : Getting there
Next to MBS hotel

2 Degree Ice Art is located next to MBS. The best way to get there is via MRT. Exit would be at Bayfront MRT EXIT A

For buses the following buses stop nearby
No 97, 97E , 106, 133, 502, 502A , 518

Tip 5 : Carpark available
Limited carpark lots are available for $3 per hour. Entrance along carpark is at Bayfront Avenue.

Alternate car parks are at MBS and the open carpark next to MBS, opposite the Marina Bay Financial Center.

Tip 6 : Rosy cheeks

If you ever wanted to take a photo of a child with rosy cheeks, take some snaps after the tour of the exhibit. Rosy cheeks are almost a guaranteed!

2Degree Ice Art
Sheares link Bayfront Avenue
$32 (adult ) , $26 ( child above age 9)
Child under 9 or 1.2 meters is free with a paying adult.
Discount of 10% with Passion cards at venue ticketing center.
More Information at https://www.facebook.com/iceart

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