Wah Lok Carlton Hotel : Birthday Celebrations

Wah Lok
January has always been a bittersweet month for us. For one, we leave the good old holidays behind and embark upon a new school year. On the other hand, we always kick off the new year with a celebration- Grandpa's birthday!
Wah Lok
This is also one of the few times we get to visit a Chinese restaurant for celebration. This year, we decided that Wah Lok at Carlton hotel would be the destinated choice for us.
Wah Lok has an impressive hole in the wall for its entrance. Futuristic and arty, the entrance hall is both imposing and intriguing. As such it did invoke high expectation for the dinner we booked.
Happy birthday Grandpa
Grandpa turned 64 this year, along with grandma , they had been taking care of us during schooldays and thus deserve a treat during their special day.
Special seafood set
We opted for the special seafood set ($208 ++ for 4)for the dinner. We did make a small change, opting for Crispy chicken instead of barbecue Pork and Soya Chicken.
Century egg
As appetizer, we had the century egg to start the course.
Boiled daily soup
The course started with boiled daily soup with Chicken and pork ribs .
Fried prawn
The 'Seafood' element comes in the form of fried prawns and steamed Garoupa.
Steamed Garoupa
The crispy chicken , spinach and braised Ee fu Mee made up for the ret of the course.
Crispy chicken
Frankly , the last 2 dishes were a disappointment. The dishes were a tad bland and unimpressive.

Ee Mee
The meal ended with a mango with sago dessert.
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We think at almost $60 per head, this meal is a tad expensive compared to the quality of food served. Nonetheless the ambiance is probably what attracted families to it. We had witnessed at least 3 birthday celebrations that evening.

Wah Lock is more popularly known for its Dim Sum rather than dinner, perhaps the next visit would be for Dim Sum instead.
Birthday cake
Regardless, it is the company that counts. We spend almost 3 hours indulging in each other's company. It was a simple and sweet celebration for Grandpa and to welcome the new year ahead.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday Grandpa!
A kiss for grandpa

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