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Polliwogs Vivocity Review : Time for some serious fun!

Serious Fun!
Media Invite

Over the weekend, we were invited to have some serious fun at the newly minted The Polliwogs@ Vivocity. Having been frequent fliers at Polliwogs @ East Coast and Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk, we did not hesitate in accepting this invitation to play!

Housed in a 5000 square feet unit located at the 3rd Floor of Vivocity (Opposite Marche Vivocity), this spanking new joint for fun is touted as a family enclave. It promises tons of play for the child, while parents can relax in the cafe next to the play arena.

Rock Climbing Zone
The Main Play area
Our first stop is the Rock Climbing facilities located at the entrance of the play arena. This is a smaller version of the one we tried at Robertson Quay. Nonetheless it would be able to accommodate up to 3 kids at a time.
Rock Climbers
Main Play Area
The fun continues in this 2 storey play arena. We headed straight for the trampoline Spider Web enclosure for our climbing fix. The main play area is suitable for kids 4 and above. For younger kids, we do recommend keeping a watchful eye as certain stations may be challenging with bigger kids around.
Made it!
The play arena is smaller than the one found at East Coast or Roberston Quay. However it was set up in such a way that there are several pockets of playstations that would entice the little ones to explore. They even fitted a 4 seater slides on the premises.
Giant wave Slides
Slides are always a hit with us. The Giant Wave slides may be lower than usual, but its design is perfect. The angle of the slides guarantees a fast and safe ride down into the ball pit below.
Double Sliders
That also mean we will try it for at least 100 times before we are done.
In addition, the obstacle courses includes trolley glide, balancing beams and huge soft structures that we eagerly sought to overcome.

We think the extra obstacles are also meant to keep the adults out. Given it's cozy setup, parents should have no trouble finding their child in the playground. There is no need to accompany the children are able to handle the playground on their own.
Having fun!
That said, it should not be an issue for adults to follow the child into the play arena. However do allow space for the kids to roam about and not block their fun!

During our play, we do not notice any staff within the play arena. Having a staff station in the area would be great in keeping an eye on the boisterous kids and giving a peace of mind to the parents.

The play arena does have its unique safety features. It is well padded for the prevention of potential accidents. Little Lou had fallen about 10 times during his spin around the play arena, but there was not a single hoot of complaint from him about it being painful.
See through floor
In addition, the see through floors ensures that parents need not follow the child up and down the structure. This will ensure that they would be able to keep a watchful eye on the children as well as freeing up space on the 2nd level for the latter to roam.
Ball Pit
Ball Pit
At the back of the play arena is a ball pit with ball cannons to add to the variety of play options for the children.
Floating ball.
The ball cannons are aimed towards a target rather than the floor. Another positive notch for safety at Polliwogs.
Ball cannons
Toddler's Area
Toddlers area
For kids below 3, there is special toddlers area for them. In this space you can find a perpetual spinning mini carousel, a ball pit and several cups that spin round and round. This spot is ideal for parents with younger tots as it is a sanctuary against the bigger kids in the main play area.
Toddlers Play Area @ Polliwogs Vivocity
For Little Lou, the ball pit was perfect for him to practice his dives.
Ball Pit
It is amazing how you can house so many facilities inside this 5000 square feet space. A cafe and chill out area is found in the premises. Other facilities includes a magazine / newspaper corner, lockers, mother's room, wash area and 2 rooms to host parties for kids!
Toilets can be found within a short distance outside Polliwogs.
The view
Don't miss the views of Sentosa from the play arena and the cafe
All smiles
Entrance to Polliwogs is at $20 for weekdays (unlimited) and $25 (2 hours) for weekends for kids age 2 to 12. For younger kids, the fee is at $13 per child. Like most playgrounds, it can be expensive if you have more than 1 child for a visit. We reckon it would be better to consider the value play pass in this scenario.

It is a good deal at $125 for 7 visits + $20 cafe vouchers + free flow of coffee or tea. In addition, they have 3 outlets, thus you can have a variety of indoor playgrounds to explore for this package.


The latest Polliwogs may be the smallest. However in terms of play, it is comparable to its peers. The location is perfect for families. It is housed in a shopping mall, given the parents flexibility to rotate and do some shopping if needed.

Fun for the family, shopping for Mommy.. we think it is a perfect match!

Polliwogs Vivocity
1 HarbourFront Walk
#03-12 VivoCity
Singapore 098585
(on the link to HarbourFront Centre)

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