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The Groovy Giraffe ( Online Bookstore) Review

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Since the start of primary school, Big C has been swamp with homework day in and day out. In addition to his workload, he has to prepare storybook for his quiet reading for his school assembly.
Given that the boy has turn out to be a speed reader, it is a challenge to find books that would entice him. Other than borrowing straight from the library, we would like to get books that he can reread all over again. This would allow him to be familiar with the story and challenge him to absorb the stories at a slower pace.

However books do not come cheap nowadays. Furthermore, it is quite a luxury to troop down to the dwindling number of book stores to source the the right book. Given time constraint, we turn to online bookstores for a good deal.
The Groovy Giraffe
This is where we discovered The Groovy Giraffe. Touted as Singapore first official online remainder store , it provides new and overprint books at a heavy discount . The discount could be as huge as 80% depending on the book purchased.
Singapore first official online remainder store
In case your are hesitating and concern about the quality of books, overprinted books does not mean old. It is just that the publishers have overprinted and thus able to offer at a lower price to clear stock as they could not sell them to standard bookstores. However there may be minimum defects for books that are heavily discount under the bargain corner.
Free shipping
Shipping is free for purchases above $60, otherwise it is a nominal fee of $5. Compared to other online bookstore, The Groovy Giraffe only takes 3 working days for delivery as they have ready stocks on hand. Some online bookstores especially the overseas one can take as long as 2 to 3 weeks to deliver the goods.

We like how the categories are sorted out in this bookstore. There are books for babies all the way to adults. Lifestyle and assessment books are available too. Being a remainder bookstore, the titles may not be extensive, but you do get quality titles in their catalogs.

We chose 2 books , the Disney Scary Storybook Collection ($15.9) and the Disney Magical Story " The Lion king " ($4.9) for this review. Checks with other stores reveals a higher price range at 10% to 25% higher than the price at The Groovy Giraffe.

Our orders were placed on 15 Feb (Sat) and we expect it to arrive on 19th Feb (Wed).
Arrived 18 02
To our surprise, the books arrived on 1802 ( Tuesday ). That is an amazing turnaround time of 2 working days!
For those looking to buy a last minute present , this fast processing will be a blessing for those facing time constraint.
Disney books from the Groovy Giraffe
The books arrived in great shape even though they are remainder books. We could not find any fault in either books delivered. Cheap books with fast delivery time are always a positive for us.

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