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Gardens by the Bay March School Holiday Activities : Feed Me!

"Feed Me! "

No we are not hungry , rather this is one of the school holiday program specially arranged by Gardens by the Bay to educate the children this coming March Holidays.

Let's gather
We were invited to a sneak preview of the program a few weekends back. What attracted us to the programe was the synopsis " Discover some plants that have a taste for insects " . Instinctively we knew our favorite plant, the Venus Fly Trap would be one of the candidate for this and it piqued our interest.
Instructor : Alyna Tan
We had a warm up session with Alyna , our instructor for the day. With her bubbling character, she introduced to us the concept of photosynthesis and how plants survive.
Bottled trees
The classroom was extended to the Flower dome whee we had a quick introduction on how plants store it's food. One of the more distinct plants was the Bottle Trees. The trees were shaped like a bottle and it is said the trunks of the trees are ideal for storing water.
Cloud forest
Next we were bought up the Cloud forest to be introduced to our personal favourite.. The flesh eating plants!
Searching for monster plants
Well ok, they are not really "flesh" eating. Rather they feast on insects and are known as carnivorous plants. Other than the Venus fly trap that we are familiar with we discovered 2 other species of carnivorous plants.
The "Flesh" eaters
Can you spot them in the picture above?

They are namely the Pinguicula or Butterworts that use sticky leaves to lure , trap and digest insects. The pitcher plant that traps insects in their pit like cups.last but not least the notorious Venus fly trap that traps insects with its menacing "mouth"

The group were no doubt impressed with this fearsome collection in the Cloud Forest.
I am a Venus flytrap!
For those trying to spot these plants, they are located at the summit of the mountain found at the Cloud Forest. Don't worry if you can't climb up as it is probably the only ' mountain' in the world equipped with a lift to the summit.
Arts and craft
At the end of the session, we have an Arts and Cratt session. Using recycled materials we creates our very own Venus Fly Trap.
Spot the fly
Overall it was an interesting session combining education and play in both indoor and outdoor setting.
This is one of the programme line up for children for this upcoming march holidays. This particular programme will be held on 15,18, 20.22 march at 1030am to 1230pm. The fee is price at $18 excluding admission charges to the cooled conservatories.
Suitable for children age 4-6. Program will run if here is a minimum of 12 children. Judging from previous sessions, it is advisable to pre book to ensure a slot. Walk in are not entertain.
Children's Festival at the gardens
Get ready children!
There will be a host of activities line up for the children this coming holidays . They included paid and free activities. Check out these activities when you are at Gardens by the bay.

Kids at the Garden : The birds and the bees (Age 4-9)15,18,20,22 March, 1030-1230 pm , $18 per pax ( excludes admission) Ever wondered how 'plant babies' come about? Follow us to the Conservatories and learn how little helpers such as birds and bees aid in pollination! Be amazed by how plants 'dress up' to attract their little enablers and bring home a self-made craft as a souvenir!

Kids at the Garden : Stories in the Understorey (Age4-6)15,18,20,22 March, 1030-1230 pm , $18 per pax
The understorey is filled with hidden secrets waiting to be discovered! Come explore and learn about the roles tiny creatures in the ground play, to keep the soil healthy for plants to grow big and strong. Go home with a renewed interest in the little creatures that keep our garden filled with delightful stories and bring back a self-made craft as a souvenir!

Kids at the Garden : Feed me! (Age 4-6)15,18,20,22 March, 1030-1230 pm , $18 per pax ( excludes admission) Discover some plants that have a rather unqiue taste for insects and tiny organisms, that keep them nourished and filled with important nutrients. Take a walk through a special place at the Cloud Forest to spot these fascinating plants and learn about their special features. Complete your discovery with a craft-making activity and bring it home as a souvenir!

Kids at the Gardens : Discoveries at the kingfisher lake15,18,20,22 March, 1030-1230 pm , $18 per pax Put on a sun hat and grab a pair of binoculars! Keep your eyes peeled as we search for resident creatures at the Kingfisher Lake! Also, learn more about the plants that are part of this unique and important ecosystem! Take notes like a true explorer and go home with a self-made craft as a souvenir!
Human Fly Trap

Free Activities (Excludes admission to the conservatories)
Conservatories Garden Detectives
The Great Garden Mystery needs to be solved at the Conservatories! Be an explorer for a day and follow the clues to uncover curious plant facts that will lead you to the truth! Put on your thinking cap and you will be rewarded with a Garden Detective badge!

Garden Trails : A Tale of Roses
Discover the language of love through roses and find out their significance to people from around the world. Feast your eyes on a rose garden in War of the Roses at the Flower Field. Top it off by penning a poem and dedicating it to a loved one.

The Wonderful map of Wise Watt
Created by Wise Wyatt, the Gardens' Bear Botanist, this map for children aged 4 to 6 years old is filled with simple and fun activities that introduce children to some of the places in Gardens by the Bay, as well as some of the plants in the cooled conservatories.

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