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THE LEGO MOVIE Minifigures in Singapore!

The Lego Movie Minifigures
Have you seen THE LEGO MOVIE? No?

We had watched it during the previous weekend we thought it is absolutely awesome. In fact , it was so good that our money is on it winning a couple of awards during the Oscars!
The Cast - Source :

So when we got a whiff that THE LEGOMOVE Minifigures are in town, we decided to scoot off to department stores to search for the pieces we like.
Unwrapping the Minifigures

If we had our way, we would have taken the full sets of LEGO , but at $29.90 for the cheapest set , it is not exactly wallet friendly . From previous Lego experiences, it is not the buildings or the cars or the planes that enticed the boys. Rather it is the minifigures that they love to role play with. We would usually get the desired minifigures from Bricklink at a premium. Alternatively, we would get the keychain equivalent (if available) and remove the keychain to play

Granted I may be an AFOL ( Adult Fan of Lego), but that does not mean I should splurge on a sets that are played once every blue moon.
I got my eyes on you Emmet!

However since LEGO had decided to release THE LEGO MOVIE Minifigures series, it is a godsend for parents. The main characters in the movie can now be obtained at a reasonable $4.90 per piece in Singapore! That will save many Dads from burning a hole in their pocket. There are a total of 16 characters from the movie that made up the full set.

Totally Awesome!
Emmat, President Business and Wlydstyle

The 3 main characters from the Movie, Emmat, President Business and Wlydstyle are available as individual pieces in the minifigures series. The other memorable cast includes Scribble face Bad Cop, Abraham Lincoln, Willam Shakespeare , Taco Tuesday Guy and "Where are my pants " guy. The rest of the pieces have only minor bit roles in the movies and thus not on our radar.
Happy Emmet

This is the first time Lego had released main characters of a product line in individual packaging. It was not surprising that this had been a hit. One shop we been to had already sold out 5 boxes in 3 day!

Be warned though, you would not know what you get before purchase as the minifigures are sealed tight in blue packets. It would be good if you master the touch and feel method to identify the pieces you want.
The boys decided to choose the specific characters from the series. Luckily for me, other than blogging, I do have a knack of identifying the characters from touch. As such I managed to source out 7 charcacters they requested.

My boys do have a quirk in the characters they choose. The younger one prefer the 'good guys' while the older boy's preference are for 'villains' . In a way , that would lead to less fights when it comes to playing . However I do  question the choice of the one leaning to the dark side.

The Villains

Thankfully I managed to find a brand new open set at Metro to utilize my *ahem* skills in picking out these 7 most wanted from a box of 60. It cost me a grand total of $27.30 ( after a 20% discount during a weekend sale). It was more worthwhile than the cheapest set in the market and it kept 3 2 boys very happy!

Little Lou settled on Hard Hat Emmat, Wild West Wyldstyle and Abraham Lincoln. Big C choice was Scribble Face Bad Cop, President Business and Wiley Fusebot.
Panda Guy

As for me , I would take the Panda Guy the boys kindly gift to me. They said it reminded them of me. Hmm...

Some tips on getting the characters you want
Focus on feeling out the following pieces
1. Calamity Drone- Long shotgun and the bulky skirt(There are only 2 characters with skirt in this series so it will be easy to differentiate
2. President Business - Cup ( with handle) and a squarish hairpiece
3. Hard Hat Emmet- Thin book of instruction and the hard hat
4. Wild West Wyldstyle - Bulky skirt and the fan(There are only 2 characters with skirt in this series so it will be easy to differentiate)
5. Abraham Lincoln - Tall hat with attached beard and the constitution scroll
6. Mrs Scratchen Post - Long hair and the cat
7. Scribble face Bad Cop - Round helmet, smart tablet and handcuffs
8. William Shakespeare - Round neck piece, scroll and feather
9. Gail the Construction Worker - Drill and hard hat
10. Larry the Barista - Cup ( no handle)
11. Velma Staplebot - Notepad and big hair piece
12. Taco Tuesday Man - Large pointy hat and round tray
13. Where are my pants Guy - Extra pair of legs
14. Wiley Fusebot - Round hat, gun and explosive
15. Panda Guy - Small panda and big head
16. Marsha Queen of the Mermaids - Mermaid tail and moveable clam

The hardest ones to get are actually the girls. They numbered 1 out of every 5 LEGO minifigures in the series! 

Unfortunately some shops are already' profiteering ' from this LEGO craze. They claimed that the packets are all sold out while openly selling the individual pieces at markup of 150% or more from retail price. It seemed like Lord Business had taken over the operations of such shops. Shame on you, especially when the target markets are the young (and young at heart)!

So what do you do with the characters after buying them?

You role play!
The mini Dog House Council
The boys had a blast making their liars ( with help from yours truly) from old sets that we do not play anymore.

President Business Headquarters

Battle time!
I must really thank The Lego Movie for unlocking their creativity. It was a no holds barred play session for them.

It does not matter if the liars are destroyed during play. They can always rebuild to something else that suit them. Furthermore the boys used minifigures from their old sets and combine play wih th new ones. Previously they were adamant  about mixing the different themes during playtime.

Rebuilding time!
This 'new' method of play would mean more options for the boys. It will also mean I do not have to replay the same' batman' scenario over and over again with them. Not only that, we would not need to 'invest' in new sets for more play.

We just have to dump instructions and use our creativity.

Now that is totally AWESOME!

The Lego Movie Minifigures are available at the following locations in Singapore

LEGO Mono Brand stores • Bricks World • Bricks Empire • Secret Chamber •Thebrickshop • Toyshunt

Department Stores • Takshimaya • Robinsons • Isetan (selected) • BHG (selected)• OG (selected) • Metro • 7 - Eleven

We would strongly recommend the department stores or 7 -Eleven as your source for the minifigures as they are fairer in the distribution of the minifigures. Don't be surprise if you see a bunch of dad's gathering around the LEGO section in the toys department to snag a minifigure for their little ones!

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  1. Hi, we love your blog. which metro store stocks the miniigures? Went to paragon but they don't seem to have the blind packs.

    1. We bought ours at Metro Paragon. It may be out so stock. You can try 7 eleven. There are still some stocks the last time we were there.


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