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Letters to sons : Away on business trips

Learning to be a pilot
Letter to sons
Dearest sons

Have you ever have dreams of being a world traveller?

When I was younger, I always yearn to travel. It does not help that my only flight before becoming an adult is a trip to KL ( yes boys, your generation has it better these days) As such, dreams of being up there in the clouds had a domineering presence in my mind. So much so I even had a go at pilot training during my army days. However, the stint was unsuccessful as I prefer being a pampered passenger rather than being the suave pilot.

Since gaining lawful employment, I guess I have been lucky enough to find one that not only foots my vacation bills but also allows me to travel aboard for business dealing. At the peak of my youth, this is a perfect job to have. I get to travel every other month with new experiences await. It's like having your cake and gobbling it up at the same time, Unbelievable .. Coming from a flying experience of a grand total of 1 before these trips, it was truly divine.

However when I became a family man, I finally clearly understood the term 'guilty pleasures'. You have the luxuries you can enjoy on a trip, but with a pang of guilt thrown in. After years of business trips, a boon became a bane. I miss the family on trips. I miss you being the last person I see when I sleep and the first when I am awake. I miss your laughter and wit. Most of all, I miss being a Daddy.

Nonetheless, such trips can be good for you to relax and reflect. Relax, as most days spend with the boys would exhaust me at day's end. Reflect, as it is in moments like these that make me ponder about the precious times that are not spent with the family. Others perks such as having a big bed to yourself ( no more sharing a tiny spot with you Little Lou) and eating long breakfast buffet peacefully ( with no children asking can we go now) should entice one to go for more business trips...


One thing for sure, when Daddy (or Mommy ) is away, you will always be happy to pick us up from the airport. For you know that inside our luggage is a gift for you. Sure we pampered you boys, but who else should we shower our love especially if we miss both of you.BUT do try your best to hug us first when you pick us up instead of gunning for our bags the next time around.

Yeah, boys, the honest truth is that Daddy miss yous. That is why I decided to pen you this letter. Travelling perks may exist, but they pale in comparison with the time spend with yous.
I still love to travel.. just not on my own. Looking forward to our next family trip.

Love Daddy  
# Written on a recent business trip


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