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Original Sprout : Worry Free Luxury Bath Products for family

Original Sprout Natural Family Collection
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As parents, we are always caution on using products on our children. From birth to toddler or even older, each products used on the child is scrutinized and researched base on its content, usage and general reviews.

It is almost a sin to try an unknown product on our own child. The last thing we would like to do is to treat our offspring as an laboratory experiment. Thus when Original Sprout offered to let us try their newly launch range of bath products in Singapore, we were a little skeptical.

Needless to say a little research is needed before we use these products. After consulting our virtual pal and library Google , we found out that these products had been in the market for over 10 years and founded by Ingr Tritt. The main inspiration for her to launch this was to address the lack of bath products suitable for her daughter. With her experience as a master stylish, she had formulated an organic product that is beneficial to her daughter dry and sensitive skin. That is how Original Sprout was born in 2003.

With accolades abound from consumers from Amazon, we are more than willing to give Original Sprout a shot.

For the Hair
Original Sprout for hair
For the hair, we have the Original Sprout Natural Shampoo (Sgd $20.9) and Deep conditioner (Sgd $12.90) to kick off this experiment trial. As Little Lou has the finest hair in the family, he has the first dips on the shampoo and condition. The verdict was delivered by Mummy J who was impressed at how smooth and clutter free his hair was afar the wash. It helps too when the boy smells nice at the end of the bath.

For the Body (and Hair)
Original Sprout for Body
As for the Original Sprout Hair and Body wash ( Sgd $25) , it is said to gently washes away dryness, cradle cap, eczema, baby acne, heat rash, diaper rash and skin irritations. With such a long list of benefits, this rosemary infused wash is suitable for hair and body.
The Scrumptious Baby Cream ( Sgd 16.9) kept the boys skin as smooth as a baby.
Worry Free
Original Sprout products are stated to be worry free.
  • Free from synthetic hormone disruptor
  • Free from oestrogen disrupting ingredients
  • Free from Sulphate
  • Paraben-free
  • Does not use Lavender and Tea Tree Oils, Phthalates, Clove or Musk
  • 100% vegan; No Soy, Gluten, Honey, Peanut or Dairy
  • Parfum with natural extracts
  • Environmentally responsible; bio-degradable
  • Eco-friendly and not tested on animals
With such an impressive list, it does give us assurance on the product usage.
Best for Babies and up!
The good news is that these products are suitable for adults too. Price wise, it may be slightly higher than the regular range of bath products. However if you are looking for worry free luxury for the family, this would be it.

Ps: Mommy is already eyeing the Natural Shampoo for her own use! 

Original Sprout has release 5 new products in Singapore. It has the Miracle Detangler for hair including the above 4 products. Original Sprout can be bought at Watson's outlets island wide.

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