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Microsoft Surface 2 launch in Singapore!

Microsoft Surface 2 unveiled

Last weekend we were invited to Fidgets City at the swanky Marina Bay Sands to get a first look at the newly launched Microsoft Surface 2.

As regular IOS and the occasional Android user, to have a go at a Windows based tablet is an intriguing proposition.

The deal was even sweeter when the boys are invited to roam the Fidgets City while I take my time to explore the new Microsoft Surface 2.
Before we start to get our hands on the tablet, we were invited for a short workshop by Microsoft staff on blogging and some tips on Microsoft latest offerings.
Blogger Workshop
While the workshop was interesting, the main star of the event was undoubtedly the new Microsoft Surface 2. This 10.6-inch Clear type Full HD Display unit is seen as a capable laptop replacement. In addition, with its Type and Touch Cover 2, it can be equipped with an additional keyboard for faster and more comfortable inputs.
Star of the workshop
First impression
Check out the Store
They say the first impression will make or break a product. Upon the first glance of the Microsoft Surface 2, an overwhelming sense of familiarity surfaced. It felt like a laptop computer and seemed to work like one.
Familiar is good.
Colourful welcoming tiles
For a Windows 8 novice, the sight of the welcoming Windows tiles intrigues me. This being the first time I had formally tried the Windows OS, it was a more colourful experience compared to the IOS and Android system. The new tablet appears to be responsive as well. The real deal-breaker will be the apps available as programs are loaded via apps instead of installed like a normal PC. With over 140 000 apps on the store, one would be spoilt for choice.

It is a bonus too when 2 of the most popular education franchises - Sesame Street and Dr Seuss are included in Surface 2. Popular games like Talking Tom and Disney Infinity: Toy Box are included out of the box, together with education apps such as and Wikipedia. Surface 2 is also preloaded with Microsoft Office Home and Student RT and Outlook RT for productivity on the go.
Child Stress Test
The number of Apps in the store are lesser than other platforms eco-system. However at first sight, at least it is working on par with the rest for those apps available.
Peeling off the Surface
The real bonus will be the hardware. Other than coming with a standard 32GB (S$618) or 64 GB (S$748) edition, it comes with a USB 3.0 port for added connectivity. It also has a very useable 3.5-megapixel front camera and a 5 megapixel back camera capable of 1080p HD performance. 

Extra accessories include a Type Cover 2 ( S$183) and Touch Cover 2 (S$168) With these accessories, you need not worry about buying a cover as these keyboards have the dual function of covers for the Surface 2
We want one!
The other thing we discovered today is the OneDrive. This is free online cloud storage for everyone regardless of the platform chosen. The beauty of this is that you can share documents or pictures across all your devices regardless of platform. 

This is perfect for photos sharing or even editing of a blog post on the go. It comes free with 7MB for document and an additional 3 MB for photos. Registration is a breeze as you only required a Microsoft Live account to sign on.
The bonus for new Surface 2 owners is the 200GB OneDrive Storage for two years! That is like having a portable hard drive where ever you go but without the hardware.

On the surface, this tablet feels like a winner. However, since we had only a few minutes to explore it, it is difficult to tell if it would be as effective in real-world usage. Perhaps Microsoft would be willing to sponsor us a unit for our own use?

We would definitely like to look beneath the surface and prove its effectiveness.
Microsoft Surface 2 is now available in most electronic stores island wide.

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