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Fidgets City @ Marina Bay Sands : Review

Fidget City
Before you read on, just remember we are just being honest. However opinions here are base on own experiences. Your experience may differ and if so, do feel free to drop a comment.

Over the weekend, we were at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.
Just in case you are wondering, we are not there for the Casino, rather we had a sudden urge to explore the 'new' playground that we had spotted over our last few trips there.

The playground is called Fidgets City . This is the smaller sister of Fidgets World, the massive indoor playground located at the Grandstand.
The Playground in one shot
We were quite familiar with Fidgets world , having been there a few times. Naturally our expectations were high when we visited Fidgets City, especially when we had a ball of a time at Fidgets World.
Patch up Trampoline
Jump Jump!
We had a serious craving for trampoline since our last playground visit, thus it was no surprise that this is where we head to first when we entered. The trampoline is bigger than usual and fits up to 4 small kids jumping in it. This was probably the highlight of the visit.
Patch up Slides
There were some slides in the vicinity as well. However it would seem that these would be the main attractions of the playground. Compared to other playground vicinity, this one is sparsely equipped. There were minimum obstacle course and limited space to ran about.
A Lone Slide.
There was a small ball pit at the end of the slides, but as it was located at a corner thus not toddler friendly especially ,with children sliding down from the slides.
Ball Pit
In addition, the condition of the playground is woeful. There are big patches of tapes all over the trampoline and slides that leads us to wonder if the playground is efficiently maintained.
Time to Renovate?
There are craft activities available for those who opt for a 2 hour session. However the price for one hour of play is overprice at $20 given the limited play options in the premises. To put it in perspective , entry to the bigger and well equipped Fidgets World is at $19 for Unlimited play!
Art and Craft
There is a drink counter that is under-utilized. There is no table for adults to place their drinks even if they should order one. A Party room doubles up as a baby room for children under 3 with only a few toys options in it.
Party Room cum Babies Room
The plus side to Fidgets City is that they provide iPads and free wifi for parents to surf. Given it's location in a tourist hotspot, this should be welcoming for tourists to get connected.
Free Wifi
The younger ones can choose to get 'connected' via a few sets of game consoles. However we think an indoor playground should focus on physical play rather than an introduction to console games.
Game consoles
Before the hour is up, the boys decided that it is time to go. This is surprising as it is the first time they had asked to leave the playground without much persuasion. To be fair, they were all tired out after a session at Fidgets City, However given its limited facilities, it will be hard press for us to recommend this place as a regular hangout for children.
Checkout time!
Nonetheless with its location at the glitzy Marina Bay Sands, parents who need some time doing high fashion shopping can consider dropping off the older kids at Fidgets City for a little workout.
Given its prime location among premier retail names, this spot is simply not living up to it's location glamorous setting. With increase competition with more innovative play stations AND higher expectation of parents (especially on safety), it is about time Fidgets City gets a reboot.
Ctrl - Alt - Del !

Fidgets City
B1-57 of The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands.


  1. Hi! Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. The equipment at Fidgets City isn't "new". It seems they took over the previous tenants called "Jumperzillas". If you do google the previous tenant, you will be shocked to notice that all the equipment looks spanking new, and there were many more kids in those photos, and note that exactly the same play equipment (nothing new, nothing added) is now in Fidgets City. It's just a rebranding exercise, but with no refurbishment or upgrading of equipment.

    I've been there twice, once with my daughter, and another time with my wife and daughter (just to show my wife where it is). I doubt I'll be there again. It costs $1 more than Fidgets World, but is limited to 1 hour of play (which is more than enough, considering the limited range of play equipment).

    I was also appalled by chatting with the staff that it was "common practice" that parents of kids who were "regular" there would drop off the kids, and go do their own shopping in MBS.

    THEN IT MADE SENSE. Fidgets City (aka Jumperzillas) was really just a drop-off place for kids within MBS, limited to an hour (after which the kids would get really bored). And parents would come back to pick their kids up after their chores.

    I won't be back - to Fidgets City.

    1. Hi Melvin.
      Thanks for your comments. When we were there we did see a few kids on their own. I do agree that this is more like a drop off place for parents who wants a little r & r. Honestly I do not see anything wrong with it. However it is because of it, I would think safety would be rank higher in this playground. With the worn out equipments, it just did not project that image.


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