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The Wacky Duo goes international !

No we are not referring to another holiday post. Rather for today we are pleased to announce that we have Meadowkids.com from UK sponsoring their products for our review.

Meadowkids.com products are designed in UK. They have books, craft, toys and bath products specifically design with 'Preschool ' children in mind. Their products are meant to be safe, high quality and enjoyable for both children and adult. In addition , they have own accolades from loved parents.com and Creative child awards for some of their product range.

Given that their products are are available exclusively on line, it is our pleasure to be selected as a trial blogger. We would be reviewing 2 different products com the Craft and Bath range.

Fingerprints Friends
The first item we are reviewing is the Fingerprints Friends from the Craft range of Meadowkids.com.
This is a UK design craft product meant for ages 4+. It comes with 3 ink pads, 8 stamps, 6 colour pencils and a stack of greeting cards templates you can use for the craft.

Tips on Fingerprints Arts
Craft sessions are meant to be an explosion of creativity. Thus there should be no rules in how to create art. However if you do need an inspiration, there are booklets in the package to give you hints and tips on how to create your own artwork.
The Tools
With the use of your own fingertips and the other tools included, the boys had fun creating their own masterpiece. Once they had 'mastered' their fingerprints art using the templates, the tools provided can still be reused for hours of fun for other artwork.

Create your own animals and scenes with Fingerprint arts. It's as easy as 1 -2 -3

Does you child detest bath time ?
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It would not be a surprise as there are occasions when water and young tots would not mix. At times, the combination may lead to a very combustive reaction leading to a rather messy situation in the bathroom.
Our new bath toys
So when presented with the 'Build A Tractor' bath time set, the boys in particular Little Lou were more than excited to take a bath with it.
Say hi to Mr Farmer
The set comprises of 14 parts. It comes with a farmer, pig, sheep, cow , chicken, horse and a tractor that comes apart for he little ones to rebuild.
Time for a bath team!
Here is what the fun starts.
With this set of toys, you can easily do role play during bath time. Not only the little ones would have oodles of fun, they will also be able to practice their make believe skills. Better still, get them to tell you a story while you take the opportunity to bath them. A difficult bath may end up turning to a fulfilling at perhaps even hilarious one depending on the creativity of the child.
Loving my bath toys
The Build a Tractor set is suitable for age 3+ . There are a lot more options for bath such as puzzles and floating squirters to choose from.
Meadowkids.com products are currently not available in Singapore. However you can always here down to Amazon to purchase their products.

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