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Most people include children love to snack. In fact I do suspect the boys enjoy snacking more than their compulsory daily meals. However most snacks found in the markets such as chips and chocolates are not exactly part of a healthy diet for a child.

Yummy Treats

Thankfully there are other healthy options in the market. So when SunMoon offers us a taste of their healthy snack options , we could not resist a bite.

SunMoon Fruit cups
SunMoon Fruit cups
The first 'snack' we got our hands on would be the Fruit Cups. There are 3 samples for us to indulge. They are namely Mandarin Orange, Peach and Seasonal mixed fruits.
Our favourite is mandarin orange
Comes packaged in twin packs of 4 oz each (RSP $1.9 per pack), this is the perfect bite size for kids ( and adults) for their daily dose of fruits. As fruits are a major source of Vitamin C, the Fruit cups are a fantastic alternative to snacks for kids.
Chunky Orange in 100% Apple Juice
Each cup comes with chunky fruit bits soaked in 100% apple juice. This will appeal to the little ones , especially those with a sweet tooth. With no artificial preservatives , flavoring or colouring, this is a 100% fruity treat for the child.

For the health conscious , you would be glad to know that it is " Healthier Choice" approved too.
Having a bite
It has a 12 month shelf life so you could keep it store it for future consumption. As for the taste test, each bite tastes as good as it would from the fruit. you can choose to eat it on its own or be creative by mixing it with salad or oatmeal.
Bite size Fruit cups
The bite size Fruit cup is the perfect size for children. Small in size , you could bring these along for those family outings or road trips. Just pack into the baby bag and you would hardly notice it due to its smallish size.

The Fruit cups are available in 4oz. 8oz and twin packs.

From 18 Apr to 9 May, introductory offer of Buy 2 and Get 1 FREE at all SHENG SIONG & NTUC FAIRPRICE outlets.
Having a taste
SunMoon Fruit Crisps
SunMoon Crisps
Next on the snack list would be the Fruit Crisps . We had the Exotic Combo Fruit Crisps of strawberry and bananas along with Fuji Apple Fruit Crisps for a taste test.
Exotic Combo : Strawberry and Bananas
The fruit crisps are made of 100% natural fresh fruits that are freeze dry to preserve the nutritional goodness of the fresh fruits.
The fruits are not as crunchy as it looks. The boys had a bite and was a little perplex by the soft texture. It took them a while to get use to it. I had a bite and thought it would be a good snack to munch during those tv breaks.
SunMoon Fuji Apple Crisps
Household Favourite
The Fuji Apple Crisps won more fans in the household. The comment was that they could taste apple in it. This just shows how tasty these treats can get.

Can't wait to get your hands on a pack of goodness?
These fruit cups and fruit crisps are available at Sheng Siong, NTUC Fairprice, selected SPC & Caltex Station. It is also found at SunMoon retail and online store(
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Wacky Giveaway

As an added bonus to our readers, we are giving away 5 goodie bags (worth $30 each)filled with Fruit cups and Fruit Crisps, courtesy of SunMoon ( 5 winners of 1 set each)
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Simply do the following to qualify
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  1. SunMoon Fruit Cups are available at Sheng Siong, NTUC Fairprice, selected SPC & Caltex Station. It is also found at SunMoon retail and online store( I love to try SunMoon Peach Fruit Cup.

  2. SunMoon Fruit Cups and fruit crisps are sold at Sheng Siong, NTUC Fairprice, selected SPC & Caltex Station. It is also found at SunMoon retail and online store(

    I wil be interested to try SunMoon Mixed Fruit Cup can sample all the best taste and textures of the all the fruits.

  3. SunMoon Fruit Cups are available at Sheng Siong, NTUC Fairprice, selected SPC & Caltex Station. These are also available at SunMoon retail and online store(

    I would like to to try SunMoon Peach Fruit Cup

  4. SunMoon Fruit Cups are available at Sheng Siong and NTUC Fairprice. It is also found at SunMoon retail and online store. I would like to try out SunMoon Peach Fruit Cup.