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Keep Calm and Father On : Book Review + Giveaway

Keep Calm and a Father On

As a dad, it is often hard to ask someone for advice. Call it the male ego. Every time when I am down and on a slippery slope while dealing with the demanding pair of Wackies, I felt that there are a lack of avenue for me to turn to for advice.

From being tied by embarrassment to ask a friend ( who probably has his own parental issues) to putting a strong face in front of the wife; asking for advice had never been a strength of mine. More often than not, it was viewed as a weakness . As per society's norm, as a man, I should shoulder on regardless.

In truth, no one should be made to go through this , man or woman. There is never a wrong for seeking a right solution,but admittedly asking for advice on a regular basis does take its toil on all involved.
Hey dad, have you hear about the new book for Dads?
Thankfully we do not need to be cocoon in this manner. There is a new book for Fathers by Fathers from all walks of life. There are quotes from renowned politicians, actors, writers, popes, bible and even the ordinary man on the street. Granted it may not solve all the issues, but it does provide inspiration for a dad to Keep Calm and Father On , which coincidentally is the name of the book.

Foreword by Kelvin
With a foreword by Kelvin Ang, a fellow daddy blogger from CheekieMonkies, he introduced the reason behind the book. A worthy candidate for an introduction , judging from the numerous lessons of parenting shared on his blog from his experiences as a father of three.

The book itself is divided into different segments. There are sections on loving, sacrificial, brave, wise, powerful, encouraging, beautiful, noble, magical and funny things about Dad.

For a dad facing challenges in various aspects if parenting. A soothing quote from the relevant section might just be the 'pick me up' potion for the day. As a dad, a single source of inspiration would usually do the trick for me.

Here are some quotes I had enjoyed while reading the book.
Franklin D Roosevelt
We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future - Franklin D Roosevelt

Jim Henson
They don't remember what you try to teach them, they remember what you are - Jim Henson

Ec Asne
Raising a kid is part joy part guerrilla warfare - Ed Asner

The book also included quotes from fellow daddies in the Singapore Blogging Community sourced from Daddy Matters. Daddy Matters is an online community that was co-founded by a bunch of online Dads including myself. We are not going to reveal who had quotes in the book, so do grab a book to find out more. With 399 quotes to inspire you, it is definitely worth a read.

The book is perfect for newly minted Dads, old timers and even those deciding on a path to fatherhood. It will make a great Father's Day gift, a birthday present, a Christmas present or just a give to say thanks to Dad.

That being said, other than relying on this book for inspirations, daddies who are reading this, do join us at Daddy Matters. Being in a community does help especially if you have a burning Daddy issues to share and discuss.

Just remember one thing on your journey as a dad. No matter what, just Keep Calm and Father On.
Get your copy online at Armour Publishing

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