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Kids 'n' Me Katong V : Aunty Amy

Kids N Me @ Katong V

Update Dec 2016 
Kids N Me is now closed. You can reach Auntie Amy directly at 91551744 for a haircut.

If you have been with us for a while, you would probably notice the ' Korean' hairstyle of the boys. It had become a trademark of The Wacky Duo, and more often than not, they were noticed because of it.

The boys' hair had been styled by our favourite hairdresser Auntie Amy for the past 7 years . We had followed her since her stint at Parkway Parade. She had since moved to Kids N Me at Katong V and naturally the boys insisted that we had to follow her as they do not want anyone else to style their hair!

Auntie Amy
A little history here,The boys had been faithful fans of Auntie Amy since they were born, for those with toddlers, you would probably be aware that bringing young kids for a haircut can be a potential 'flame on' session. They boys were no exception protesting and wailing in their earlier days.
Waiting for his turn
It was only after about a year that they both got used to Auntie Amy. Till this date, they would refuse to have their hair cut if it was not for Auntie Amy. We had a scare recently when we visited out usual barber shop at Parkway. Auntie Amy had left the company and was not in sight. Thankfully we had her number and managed to track her done to Kids 'N ' Me at Katong V.
Spot a hairstyle you like?
Why do we like Auntie Amy?
Check who is on the wall of fame
When the boys were struggling during the hair cut sessions in the early days, Auntie Amy had expertly dealt with it. At the same time she had given great hairstyle for the boys. We had been to other hairdressers during these 7 years, but somehow the experiences were wanting. Thus It was no surprise that she had become the boys  favourite hairdresser.

If you think Korean Style are her forte, you will be surprised by her repertoire judging by her wall of fame at Kids 'N' Me. We had seen modern crop ala Christiano Ronaldo and buzz crew cut that are usually found in popular saloons.
Mr Bob
Nowadays , with less struggles and a whole lot more enthusiasm , going to the hairdresser has been a cheery affair we look forward to every 6 weeks.
Ready for school
So what makes Kids 'N ' Me unique from other hair saloons?
Ready for haircut
For once, kids would be attracted to the colourful interior. During our haircut, we have seen lots of kids pulling their parents to peer through the all glass wall.
Watching TV
We guess it may have something to do with the Tom and Jerry cartoon that was showing on the mini TV set up on the dressing console facing the little ones,
Precision cut
Auntie Amy does occasionally suggest a hairstyle for the kids. For special occasion, you can also choose to have it spray with a temporary colour of your choice.
Team colour sprays
Other than the cartoons. There are also some toys to entertain them before the haircuts and sweets, stickers and balloons to 'reward ' them for good behavior during a haircut. It is beyond a doubt that Kids ' N ' Me is meant to be a hair saloon for the little ones.

Each haircut cost $24 , you will be given a coupon after each haircut. Accumulate 6 of them and you will pager a free haircut.

Kids ' N ' Me is refreshing. Located at the newly open Katong V, traffic may not be as high as a major mall. This is actually a good thing as parents can go for grocery shopping at NTUC Finest located a floor below while the little ones have their haircut.

In our opinion, it is worth a trip there, especially if we get to have our hair cut by our favourite hairdresser , Auntie Amy.

And if you intend to have an haircut, we do recommend you call for an appointment first !
Kids 'n' Me

Call Auntie Amy at 91551744 for appointment

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