Underwater Adventure with Swensen's kid's meal

Underwater adventure with Swensen's

June has been an awesome month for kids. Not only do they have a wide array of activities lined up for them during this period , restaurants are also introducing new menu to complement the little ones' higher energy levels for the month.

Swensen's had jumped into the bandwagon with a brand new Kid's Menu. With meals that are served on a 'submarine', the boys are all set to dive into Swensen's latest underwater adventure kid's meal.

Swensen's Parkway Parade
Our meal was at Swensen's Parkway Parade. When the boys were presented the menu, they were all deciding hard which meals they would indulge in for the day. With a choice of 6 dishes to choose from, it is not an easy task for the little ones to decide on the meal of choice.

The kids menu are as follow
  • Ham & Cheese Toasties
  • Spaghetti Twirles
  • Chick 'N' Fries
  • Cheesy omelette
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Fish 'N' Chippies

Let's choose our meal
In the end, the boys chose the Ham and Cheese Toasties and the Fish 'N' Chippies.
Ham and cheese Toasties
The Ham and Cheese Toasties is made up of fries, grilled bread with turkey ham and cheese. The Fish 'N' Chippies consist of fried fish fillet and fries. All kids meal comes with corn-in-cup and a glass of soft drink,apple or orange juice.
The best part, they are served on an exclusive Submariner, a submarine like box, that kids are take home after the meal. Each meal cost $9.90 ++
Fish 'N' Chippies
The main question would be 'How is the food? '

Since this is specifically for kids, we let the kids decide on this.
Both ate up all the food including licking whatever taste that lingers on their little hands. I guess that would be suffice to say the kid's menu is agreeable with their exquisite palate.
Finger licking good
A trip to Swensen is never complete without their famous ice-cream sundaes. Just top up $2.90 for a choice of either the Coit Tower Junior or Treasure Chest.
Coit Tower Junior and Treasure Chest
With that icing on the cake, it completes a perfect meal for the little ones.
As a bonus , with every Underwater Adventure Kid’s Meal, kids get the fun of completing various word puzzle obstacles that Snowie and friends encounter on their way to find the Eternal Ice Cream. So take means having fun while enjoying a meal!
Time to indulge in Swensen's famous ice cream
The adults did not go hungry while the little feast. We were treated to selections from Swensen's healthier choice meals.
Swensen's Grilled Barramundi
Our choice of meal was the Grilled Barramundi with Lemon Butter Sauce and Chicken Victoria.

It's great to sample healthier food choice every once in a while. On first impression , the dishes does not look as appealing as it's fried counterparts such as the Crispy Cornflake chicken or the perennial favourite Fish and Chips.
Victoria Chicken
However, looks are deceiving. The Grilled Barramundi gives a refreshing burst of flavour when combine with aromatic homemade lemon butter sauce. While the Chicken Victoria is one of the more tenderly grilled chicken breast we have sunk our teeth into. Combine with creamy flavored Victoria sauce, a healthy treat can be a tasty one too!

The Underwater Adventure kid's menu is now available at Swensen's outlets from 1st June. 

TWD was invited for a meal for review

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