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Singapore Garden Festival : In Full Bloom

Entrance to a world of Gardens

This year will mark the first appearance of this international horticultural event on the grounds of Gardens by the Bay. With acres of space in the Meadows, this year's show promises to be a bigger and better than its predecessors.

Be prepared to be treated to a visual feast of exquisite gardens, colourful floral displays and enchanting landscapes created by more than 30 internationally acclaimed garden and floral designers.
Festive Map - Source Singapore Garden Festival

This events marks the 5th time the biennial event is held. We give you a glimpse of what to expect in Asia's biggest tropical garden and flower show.

Full Circle (UK)

The ever popular Fantasy and Landscape show is back. Taking center-stage , it will feature award winning gardening stars from all over the world.

Scared Garden (UK)

The Landscape gardens are mostly outdoors while the Fantasy gardens are held indoors in air conditioned tent. This is perfect for an event in sunny Singapore.

Winter in a hole?

Singapore Garden Festival

Andy Eng - Best of Show
Since high rise living is common in Singapore, having a balcony in the apartment is the norm. To spice up your balconies, do check out the 8 balcony gardens featuring colourful and inspirational displays. Be amazed at how a 3m by 3 m space can be recreated into a soothing retreat.
Balcony Gardens


This is probably my favourite section of the show. The 14 Floral windows to the world are work of arts. Featuring colourful and vibrant cut-flower displays, these art decor are simply stunning. This is an indoor display.

I never knew plants could be such masterpieces!


Miniature Gardens
There are 6 miniature garden displays intricately designed gardens filled with miniature plants and furniture. The six displays are by award winners from Philadelphia Flower Show. A first of the show.


The Floral table series is a new display featuring table top floral displays held indoor. It is also a competitive category featuring competition for professionals and amateurs.


Going back outdoors, there are more interesting displays. Playing on the theme Colours, these displays are bright , vibrant , playful and cheery. We shall let the pictures speak for themselves.

Sound of the forest

Touch of the Heart




My Green Space

There is also some other pockets of interesting exhibits. You will find tips on indoor gardening and ideas on how to incorporate plants into your home. Although I must admit the use of an old computer as a mini garden in the kids room is a little too 'Poision Ivy ' .

Don't forget to take note of the Best of Show exhibits and the award winning designs.
Look out for Best of Show

If you are press for time, just check the winner's board and head straight to the winning entries to be amazed.
Winner's Board

Orchid Extravaganza
Orchids also made Singapore Garden Festival their home. For your entry ticket to Singapore Garden Festival, you would also get a single entry to the Flower dome ( which you could visit on another day, do note the dates on the ticket ) Here you will be greeted by a 10 metres tall Orchid Kaleidoscope and 18,000 plants featuring 40 orchid species and hybrids. Totally worth the price of admission.

Orchid Tower
Designed by award winning landscape architect Jun-ici Inada, the Orchid Extravaganza is one of the best flower bed display I had seen this year.

The Orchids are simply too beautiful and warrants a post of its own. Look out for a review on the Orchid Extravaganza on this blog in the coming week!

Orchid Kaleidoscope

There are lots more in store at Gardens by the bay. During this period , there will be over 80 stalls offering a wide array of plants, gardening and landscape products and service, and arts and craft for sale.

The Singapore Garden Festival is perfect for photography hobbyist. Personally it was one of the more therapeutic photography session I had in a while. For the photo buffs, you can also submit your photos taken at Singapore Garden Festival for a chance to win Canon Camera equipments.

For details, refer here.

If you are bringing kids, do prepare to walk for a distance. Not only the Singapore Garden Festival is huge, the walk between the flower dome and the SGF at The Meadows can be quite a distance. Regardless, the little ones would most likely be in awe of the gardens to be bother by the walk.

Singapore Garden Festival
16 - 24 August 2014
9am -10pm Daily
Free Single Entry to Flower Dome (Entry can be on separate day)

Tickets are priced attractively from $10 per adult ( Local Resident rate). With entry to the Flower Dome thrown in, expect a big crowd for the SGF. We recommend a weekday visit to avoid the crowds, otherwise you might end up taking pictures of humans instead of flowers!

All Gardens by the Bay Conservatory tickets dated between 16-24 August will be allowed entry into Singapore Garden Festival 2014

TWD were provided a unit for review

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