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Tips for Dads : When Mommy is away...

In our household , missing a Mom or Dad in action is a periodic affair.No , we did not' sky off 'on our duties as parents. Rather due to work requirements, either one of us has to travel on separate occasions for a few days to weeks. As such there will be instances where there will be only one of us manning the fort.
As a result, the usual routines that we have at home will be change. Things seem to function well when I am away. However when the role reverse and Mommy has to travel, you can be assured of moments of chaos in the household.

With 'experience' at hand, here are 8 tips for Dads would are facing the same circumstances.

1) Get well versed with the routine

The first thing you should do is to make sure you have the daily routine down to a pat. Note the time to wake up for school, school bus timing, homework schedule, dinner time, play time , sleep time and any other important 'time'It is imperative you keep to the schedule or else all hell may break loose. Ignore the temptation of a 'day off from homework' or a 'marathon tv night' on a school day. Once you fail to keep time, the children would smell 'blood' and demand the NEW routine the next day.

2) Be familiar with the house
Surely you would know your house inside out especially if you have lived in it for a few years? I would think it is not true, especially if your wife is the one keeping the clothes in order. If you have more than one child, you may have problem finding their clothes. Other than clothes, keep note of where the medications are, the school books and even the toys they play.

3)Keep Calm
When the going gets tough, just take a deep breath.Keep calm and Father On... If you need inspiration, get the book for Dads by Dads.

4)Show your softer side
Discard your macho front. At these times the children would miss their Mom and her tender love for them. This would be a great time to show your child that you can be a sweet Dad as opposed to the usual 'Commander in Chief' they are accustomed too.

5) Personalised Daddy Time

Being a sweet Dad is one thing, bringing your child out on your own and showing them they can have a fantastic one on one time with Dad will cement your relationship with your children.It will be tough, but practise makes perfect.

6) Have a back up plan
Even the best laid plans have its flaws.You may not be able to plan for the unexpected, but you can have a back up plan. The thought of bringing your children out for a day of fun at Universal Studios may be great, but when it pours , you can throw the plan out of the window. Do have a back up plan on hand.Plan for an indoor activity or if you need inspirations for an alternative day out, you can refer to our list of activities around Singapore.

7) Technology is your good friend

Most 'experts' say be afraid technology, I say embrace it. Technology is useful for a few things. Use it to FaceTime Mommy, use it as a distraction for the kids or simply use it to buy yourself a few minutes of 'me time' contrary to popular beliefs, the iPad has become an essential tool for those days when Mom is away.

8)Say a prayer 
Last but not least, say a prayer. You would need it more than ever when the wife is away.


 For Dads who want to get more tips and for Moms who are curious to know what really happens in the household when they are away, tune in to Lifetime's 1st Asian Production ' MOM'S TIME OUT '. This is a social experiment that explores modern gender roles when Dad takes over the household. Frazzled mothers from 3 families across Asia will go on an all-expenses-paid 5 day getaway and leave their husbands in charge of the children. Witness the men taking on their new found roles and be completely surprised by the work that entrails.
Meet the Pangs - Picture from Press kit
Singapore is represented by the Pang family. Dad Christopher and Mom run a successful boutique real-estate company and have 3 boys ( Marcus age 12, Michael age 8 and Matthew age 4) . See how disciplinarian Dad runs the household when the diplomatic Mom is away.

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