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3M LED5000 Polorizing Light : Choosing the right desk lamp

3M New Polorizing Light LED 5000

 If you have school going kids, you would be familiar with the daily revisions with them in the evening. During this period, it is most important that the desk is adequately lit. As the eyes received 80% of our sensory impressions, having good lighting in essential in protecting a child's eyes and well being. With good protection, you would be able to keep spectacles at bay.

Bright light
Do not assume that ceiling lights are adequate. It does illuminates the room, but it is not the best solution for an ideal reading environment. The additional lights from a desk lamp is an ideal source as it maximizes the amount of light on the study area and minimize glare and reflection.

A brighter environment would also make for a more conducive place to study, whereas a dimly lit room may actually induce sleepiness after a period of time!
3 M LED Perfect for the desk
So how do you choose the right table lamp to use?

From experiences, choosing the ' right' table lamp can be a daunting affair, especially with the wide variety of choices in the market. Here are some pointers that you may like to consider before making the purchase.
  • Choose the right SIZE
Task Lamps come in different sizes for different needs. There are lamps with extending arms for bigger desk, clamp on lamps for those lacking space on the desk, foldable lamps that is space efficient. We reckon for desk lamps , it will be good to chose one that has a small footprint and ideally foldable when not in use.
  • Choose the right BULB
Desk lamps comes in various bulbs form. From the low cost but hot Halogen bulbs, to cheap incandescent lamps , to higher price Energy efficient LED lamps, the choices can be daunting. We think LED option is best, with their longer lifespan of 30000 hours vs halogen 1000 hours. More importantly, they do not remit heat, making it a safer option for kids.
  • Choose the right INTENSITY
Do you know the older you get , you need more light compared to a child? A 50 year old man needs three times more light than a 20 year old man. Get a desk lamp that has adjustable brightness to suit the family.
  • Choose the right BRAND
Get a reputable name for desk lamp. After all these are the ones that spend big amounts on research to give the best features and benefits to the consumer.
Touch for light
We are glad to been sponsored a set of 3M Polorizing Light LED5000 for useand review. This new model from 3M ticks all the right boxes in our search for the ideal desk lamp.

The 3M LED 5000 features the following
  • 3M proprietary polarizing filter technology that reduce glare by 80%
  • 5 levels of brightness to suit different needs and age group
  • Sleek modern space compact saving design that fits into most decor
  • Easy to use and child friendly touch sensor control
  • Energy efficient as it only uses 8W vs a typical 30W Halogen bulb
No more glare
The 5 main sense of the body are vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch. The protection of sight is thus deem as essential. Investing into a desk lamp would be wise for the family. The long term benefits to the eyes for both child and parents would justify the purchase. It is a must have item for school going kids.

The 3M Led 5000 is now in store at all Best Denki and Pouplar Book Stores at $239. 

Beautiful , close or open
TWD were provided a unit for a review

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